April 4, 2011

Monday - Cool and windy, sunny in the afternoon.

I had a good day today, except my dear hubby woke me up when he went to work. Oh well. I got to wish him a nice day so it was okay. However he did leave his cell phone at home so I wondered if I would see him later on.

After I got up I decided to do laundry. I had a ton to do, so I sorted it out and got it done bit by bit. I also watched my weekend TV, well most of it. And, someone arrived around 12:30 to pick up his cell phone. I had a feeling he’d come by.

In the afternoon, I was on my computer for a while, but then decided to go out. I jumped on my bike and went off. I went to a hardware store first to get some white glue, then hacked around the other stores nearby. I found a very pretty variegated yellow, pink and purple cotton yarn. They only had 9 balls so I bought it all. It was on sale for 200 yen per ball, so really not bad at all.

I got home a few minutes before F showed up. Now that he’s working in Tsuruoka he doesn’t take long to get home. He was a bit twitchy when he got home, he just couldn’t sit still. After a while I decided to make dinner.

Tonight I used a Del Monte Mix, it was an onion sauce for chicken, so I made that up. We had it with a salad and some sauteed broccolini that was very good. F added in some rice to his dinner. This was a nice mix and I definitely would buy it again. The usual ones in the store, of the Cook-Do variety are just too salty for me.

F did the dishes and then watched some kickboxing/fighting thing for a while. I was getting antsy at my computer so decided to join him on the couch. I grabbed some of the thread that I bought on Friday and started on a doily. It’s going very well, and looks quite lovely. I haven’t crocheted this small in ages. I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow if I remember.

After the boxing Taken with Liam Neeson was on. It wasn’t a bad movie really, just very violent. I thought the movie was a little preposterous. What are the chances that his daughter would be picked up by the bad guys on the first day in Paris? I dunno. Still, seemed a bit of a male fantasy, but at least Liam Neeson looks like he could inflict some heavy damage on bad guys.

F went to bed after the movie finished and I put away my crochet. I managed to get about 15 rounds done so I’m doing quite well. The only thing I don’t like is the amount of counting I have to do, but that also makes it look really beautiful. I’m enjoying making it and may even attempt the larger one afterwards if I have time. April is going to be a busy month I think, craft wise!

And that’s it for me. It was a good day and I’m glad that I finally got my laundry done. Tomorrow I have to go to the school and then I’m off for a few days. Come back and see how my crafting goes. Night!

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