April 8, 2011

Friday - Rainy.

Another odd day. Last night F and I weren’t doing well and then he came home and we calmed down. Before we went to bed we had a big earthquake which knocked out our power. We stayed up for a while but eventually went to bed as there wasn’t much we could do by candlelight!

This morning F left for work as usual, but I got up. I wasn’t feeling great and just thought I’d better get up. All of a sudden, there was light! I was quite glad to see it again.

I was really tired so after a couple of hours at my computer decided to go back to bed and take a nap. I set my alarm so I could take an hour nap and went to sleep. I had already fallen asleep when I heard a man’s voice in the next room, followed by F coming into the bedroom. I was fast asleep and being woken in that way was not what I had expected or even wanted. I’m afraid I lost my temper and yelled at my husband so he left in a huff.

I spent a lot of the day at my computer and asleep. I was almost asleep a few times during the day so at one point I just had a nap on the couch.

When F came home tonight he was quite grumpy but I apologised to him and he seemed better. He went out to a party and was gone for a few hours.

I made dinner for myself and it was really nice. I invented something with veggies and meat and soup. It was yummy. I watched a couple of movies when I was home. I saw Baby Boom and also Fever Pitch. They were both surprisingly good.
F came home around 9:30 and things were great for a while. I went to the washroom and came back to find F playing with the remote. Oh dear. I asked him to set it for my next program but he kept going past the channel and not stopping. The TV guide thing was in Japanese and I could even understand it, so why couldn’t he? Once again he got mad at me and stormed to bed.

So, I ended up watching Glee and now Desperate Housewives by myself. I’m not too upset about it really, but this has been a bad week for us. The kind of week where I really wish we could have either a do-over or a forgetfulness pill!

That’s it for me. Tomorrow I’m back at work, but I’m not sure what is going to happen. I hope to be here and report on my day on the morrow. Night.

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