March 31, 2011

Thursday - Rainy in the morning, then clear with misting rain in the evening.

A good day. I went to bed dreadfully late last night. I made the mistake of reading a Facebook link about a couple of people who visited some of the Earthquake sites. By the end I had tears streaming down my face and the last thing I wanted to do was get into my nice warm bed and sleep.

I slept in a bit late today as I wanted to catch up on my sleep. I did, then got up and felt fine. I showered and then did my internet work.

I had a relatively quiet morning and afternoon. I had an omelette for lunch with cheese, ham and tomatoes in it. That was nice, plus I finished off the tortillas by having them with half of my avocado on them. Yum.

I rode off to work and made good time. My school was surprisingly warm today. I had the heater preset of course, but also the sun was shining and I think it helped a bit.

My student came on time and we had a good lesson. He’ll be taking a break for a little as he needs to work on his entrance exams, but hopefully he’ll be able to come once in a while.

I read newspapers and just generally relaxed around the school for a while. When 8:30 rolled around I sent F a message, then phoned him. No answer. He did call me back though to say that he was busy at work. Yikes. He was still working. It was his last day at that office and he had to finish everything. Understandable though. I told him not to worry, that I would get home by bicycle and to finish when he could.

I biked home. It was quiet out there. Many of the shops and pachinko parlours have turned off their lights, so things are really dark. There was a light misting of rain. It wasn’t bad enough to soak me, just enough to make sure I rode carefully and didn’t need to brake quickly.

At home, I started watching a Sandra Bullock movie, “All About Steve”, which was odd. F called me in the middle and then came home around 10 pm. When he arrived he said he had to go back to his office as he had forgotten some important paper. I went with him and he drove a bit too fast in my opinion to the office. He went in but couldn’t find the paper. He then searched the back seat for it, and there it was. Grr.

We drove back to Tsuruoka and had curry at Cocos Ichiban. I had the handmade chicken cutlet curry which was nice, but a bit too salty for me. We came home again and F took his bath eventually and then went to bed.

I’ve been unwinding for a while and am getting a bit tired. I’ll try to get to bed soon. Tomorrow I’m off work and am looking forward to it. Might do something interesting, at least I hope so! Night.


JY said...

I know I get sucked into the horrible stories of tragedy and loss and it makes me feel depressed the entire day... Need to stop watching...

Rachel said...

I like the books!

Helen said...

JY - My husband watches a lot of the earthquake/tsunami news and even though I can't understand it I get so depressed. I've stopped watching when I'm alone to be honest. It's not that I don't care, it's that it is too depressing.

Rachel - thanks! I thought I'd try them for a while. I may change the picture later though!

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