May 16, 2012

Wednesday - Cloudy

I went to bed late last night and slept in a bit. Part of it was because F was here and I like to give him some time in the morning.  I’m not a morning person and things can go badly at times.  

Anyway, I got up, he went off to see the doctor and then I was stuck with him!  We talked about lunch, but couldn’t decide on a place.  Finally we did, but it was one that he wasn’t too happy about.  However, after a brief post office run, I had a brainwave, and took us to a place that we’ve never gone to before.  I’ve been a couple of times, but F and I together never have.  It was a little, out of the way cafe, but quite nice.  We had a nice meal.  For some reason we even got charged less than the cost on the menu, so it was a bonus for us.

We decided to go to the Chido Museum. Well, F did and I was dragged along.  There was a display of items from Zenpoji Temple.  It wasn’t bad actually. There was a painting that I thought was quite fascinating and some great photographs.  There was also a schematic diagram of the pagoda at Zenpoji.  Cool stuff.

We went to Mr. Donut for a drink and a cheap doughnut after the museum, then came home.  F wanted to watch a movie and although he plugged for The Langoliers I said it was my pick today and came up with A Fish Called Wanda.  Wonder of wonders, he actually liked it this time.  I do think it is a movie that gets better each time as you remember more things.  I did a couple of rows of crochet and then I started darning in some of the ends on my afghan.  We watched some of the special features on the DVD and then went out for dinner.

Tonight we had dinner at Kappa sushi.  I tried really hard to just have cooked fish or things that I thought were safe, so hopefully I’ll be okay tomorrow.  Over dinner I came up with the plan to make soup for dinner tomorrow night.  

We made a quick trip to the drugstore and then went to the grocery store to get supplies.  I’m going to make a chicken vegetable soup, if all goes well.  

We came home and I watched Private Practice and F took his bath.  Unfortunately he chose tonight to clean the bathroom too and the cleaner he used has a lot of bleach in it.  That part of the house smells so bad.  Yuck.  I know I should be thankful, but I just hate the smell.

Anyway, it’s now very very late again and I should get to bed soon.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow, most likely.  Night!

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