May 20, 2012

Sunday - Sunny but cloudy

I feel like F has just gone off to bed, even though he’s been in bed for more than an hour.  He was so noisy before bed that I’m still rattled from it.  He just had a noisy night.  He was banging into things, tripping over things, stepping on things, knocking things over and at one point, popping a bag that sounded like a gun-shot.  Most of it, except for the bag thing was accidental, but it was still annoying.

I got up this afternoon.  Yes, I overslept.  I had set my alarm and even my second alarm, but I didn’t wake up.  As usual, there was no noise or light from the living room to suggest that I might want to get up.  Sigh.  If he’d just turn on the light in the living room it would help to get me up.

Anyway.  After I was up, he whined and moaned about where should we eat.  I didn’t care. I wasn’t hungry.  We went to the mall in Mikawa and he chose a noodle place.  Fine, whatever.  We went there and I had the usual thing I have there, grilled salmon on rice with mayonnaise.  It was okay.  F’s dish looked too small for him so I suggested he get something else.  He didn’t.  

We hacked around the mall a bit more and bought a few postcards.  We did look in the Ladies section, but even though there were a few tempting things, I didn’t buy anything.  In the wool section I ended up getting some yarn to make F’s niece something for her baby.  I’ll have to get started on that right away.  Maybe tomorrow?

We had a few minutes before our movie started, so F suggested a bite to eat. I wasn’t hungry, so he decided not to have something big, but suggested an ice cream instead.  We went to Baskin Robbins and each had a cone. Yum. I had Love Potion 31 which was a mixture of white chocolate and raspberry, and F had LoveSomethingCheesecake.  His was nice, but I liked mine a lot!

We went to see Dark Shadows tonight and it was okay.  I wouldn’t say I loved it. I liked it, and I think the art direction and costumes and set decorations will all be happy come Academy Award time, but there wasn’t really a decent plot.  With the characters and the mood they could have done so much.  It wasn’t terrible like Alice in Wonderland, but it wasn’t great either.  

After the movie, we went to the bakery and bought a loaf of whole wheat bread and something for breakfast each, then left the mall.  We discussed dinner but neither of us could pick a place.  We decided to go to a grocery store on the way home to pick something up.  We went in, but they didn’t have anything that we wanted so we left.  I wasn’t hungry at all.  

At home we watched a bit of TV, some good, some bad, and both of us did some post-crossings.  We did end up eating, but individually and much later.  My stomach is still having problems, as is F’s, so I just can’t go to a few places right now.  I had tuna melts with cheese and I realised that I’ve now had 3 fishy meals in a row.  Bleck.  Must change that soon!

Anyway, that was my day. It wasn’t too bad really.  I’ll look forward to tomorrow and a little peace for a while!  Wish me luck.  Night!

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