May 23, 2012

Wednesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  I woke up early-ish and got up right away too.  I have to get up early tomorrow and want to be able to wake up then.  I watched Sex and the City and did a few rows of crochet. It was nice and peaceful.

In the afternoon I made lunch and did my stuff on the computer. I really just spent a quiet afternoon alone.  I thought at one point of going out, but then decided to stay in and scan all of my gotochi cards.  A friend sent me one from her prefecture, so I thought it was a good time to get the postcards sorted out.  

F came home a bit late tonight and brought me bagels. Yay him!  

We went out for dinner at the Taiwanese place that he likes.  I hate that place.  The food is horrible.  I had chicken stirfry with black pepper and it had no taste at all.  It was lukewarm when it arrived too. Even the rice was dry.  I’ve gone there 3 or 4 times now with my husband and it has never been good.  I asked him not to take me there anymore.  

After dinner we hit a drugstore for a few necessities and then came home.  We had a pretty quiet evening in.  I did a few more rows of crochet and F took his bath.  Pretty normal really. 

And that was my day.  I did get a couple of postcrossing cards so I hope that I can post them soon.  I can’t stay up late tonight, or I’d do it now! Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

My baby blanket for F's niece's baby


Sherry said...

Oh that's lovely.

Helen said...

Thank you!

Perogyo said...

Love your crochet- thanks for posting the pic!

Helen said...

Thanks so much! Nice to hear :-)