May 24, 2012

Thursday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  I went to bed early last night but didn’t sleep very well.  This morning I got up once to find F’s glasses.  He’d lost them in the night. I found them, put them up safely and went back to sleep.

I had a good, if fast morning.  I cooked myself lunch around 11 am and then headed out to my school at 12. I made good time and got the school set up quickly. The temperature was nearly perfect so I didn’t have to use a heater.

My student came and we had a good class. We talked a little about postcrossing as she has started doing it too.  We soon got down to our lesson which was a little hard, but she did rather well.  

After her class I did my paperwork and read some of the newspapers I’d been stockpiling.  After that, I headed off home.  I stopped at the drugstore for my supplements and then came home. 

F came home a bit late tonight, but not outside the norm really.  He looked at his postcrossing for a while before we went out for dinner.  Tonight he picked Cocos out of the ones I suggested for us.

After dinner we bought a few groceries.  I’m going to cook again tomorrow night.  Should be fun I think.  I hope!

Watched a bit of TV at home and I wrote 3 postcards.  I think F did a few as well.  At 11 I went over to the couch and did some crochet while I watched Royal Pain. 

After midnight, F and I watched Masterchef.  Hurray, the right person was knocked out. 

And that was my day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day too.  Night.  

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