May 27, 2012

Sunday - Hot and sunny

A different day than I expected.

This morning, F got up and realised that he’d misplaced his cellphone.  Most people would quickly remember where they had it last and go and find it, but F couldn’t remember.  We backtracked over last night and came to the conclusion that he must have left it at the theatre.  He called over, but no-one had found it and it wasn’t turned in.  He spent much of today searching the apartment, his car, and even the mall trying to find it.  He didn’t manage.

I got up in the early afternoon and vegged for a bit.  F had also gone out this morning and finished cutting the grass around the apartment building so he was relaxing  for a bit.  We decided to have lunch and then take the bedding to the laundromat.  I’d stay with the bedding and take care of it, while F drove back to the mall to search for his phone.

We had a fast lunch at Kintaro Sushi and it was pretty good.  It’s a shame how quiet it is these days.  After that, we went to the laundromat and put the stuff in the washers, then I sent F on his way.  I had a big book with me and I was dying to get back to it!

I read quite a bit and also put the bedding in to a dryer when F came back.  He didn’t find his cell.  He checked with the mall people, he checked with the theatre people, but no one had found it.  I think that it is stuck on the chair he used yesterday or somewhere underneath it, but there was a matinee on when he was there, so he couldn’t go in and search.  Sigh.  _I_ would have waited, but I’m not F.  

Anyway, we brought the clean bedding home and put the bed back together.  We’ve finally changed from the winter quilts to summer blankets and towelkets.  Hurray.  It has finally started warming up at night here.  After that, F proceeded to search even more through our apartment for a phone and I had a nap on the bed.  When I woke up it was past 8 pm and F was watching Volleyball. Yawn.  

We had a quick and cheerful dinner in Gusto.  F had the same dish he had yesterday so I assume he liked it.  We shared an order of chicken wings too that were quite nice.

We went by the grocery store and got a few things for dinner tomorrow night.  F is going to do some of the prep, so I hope he is okay about it.  

At home, he searched again, and of course didn’t find his phone.  The last time he remembers having it was when he turned it off before the movie.  I think that it probably slipped out of his pocket while he was sleeping and he was a bit dozy after the movie and didn’t look for it right away.  

I watched a Jason Statham movie, The Mechanic.  It was slick and not great.  I’d seen it earlier this year, but watching Jason is one of my great pleasures in life. (Grin)  After it was on, the original with Charles Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent was on.  It was quite good, in a very different way. It wasn’t as slick as the remake, but it was probably a better movie.

F went to bed and I stayed up a bit.  Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’m going to do, so you’ll just have to come back and find out.  Night.

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