May 28, 2012

Monday - Sunny with some rain

An odd day.  Is there any other kind?

I got up quite early this morning and came through to the living room.  I fired up my computer, watched Sex and the City then somehow ended up napping on the couch.  I was quite surprised to wake up 30 minutes later.  I did feel less tired though.  

I had an exciting early afternoon, ate some of my leftover stew, which was better than before, and watched the last hour or so of Sense and Sensibility.  I love Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman in that film.  Always lovely to see some of the character actors too, and fun to see Hugh Laurie with his real accent!

In the afternoon I tried to get a head start on dinner, but the garlic I was going to use for my marinade was soggy. Yuck.  Instead I used Worcester sauce.  

I got a couple of postcards in the mail, so I scanned them and the two I was sending, plus got a Book-mooch ready to go out.  The weather wasn’t bad, so I quickly biked off to the post office and sent everything away.  When I came home, I swept the lobby of our apartment building. Our “service” month is up at the end of the month, so thought I should do it one last time. 

F came home around 5:30 and invited me to go to the mall with him to have another look for his cellphone.  We drove out there and parked.  We went to the theatre and asked if it had been turned in. Nope.  We went to the mall’s customer service, same thing. Nope.  We had a snack and then a drink in Seattle’s Best.  After that, we went up to the theatre again and they let us take a look around our seats for F’s phone, but nada.  What on earth did he do with it?  He had been wearing his blue jacket, and tonight when he was walking through the mall, things kept falling out of his pockets, so that’s what I think probably happened to it.  It likely fell out somewhere in the dark.  

We came home and got dinner underway.  F was going to cook the eggplant, but wanted to deep fry it.  I wouldn’t let him.  Last time he deep fried something there was a thin film of oil all over the kitchen.  I didn’t want that happening again.  He jury rigged something with dash, foil, oil and ginger in the grill and it was okay.  I cooked the meat and it was nice.  The Worcester sauce wasn’t too strong, just a nice light flavour.  We were a bit miffed with each other, been heatedly discussing dumb stuff earlier and F wasn’t happy with me not letting him deep fry.  

Anyway, dinner was fine.  We both had a good meal I think and I did the dishes for good measure while F watched boxing.  

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet.  We watched a bit of TV and I crocheted a few rows of my blanket.  I may have to go and buy more yarn.  Yikes.  I hope not! 

Well, that is it for me.  I’m about done for tonight.  I have a class tomorrow afternoon so I hope the weather holds for a bit.  I have to go.  Night!

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