May 30, 2012

Wednesday - Cloudy and cool

A good day!

I got up this morning, with a bit of difficulty, but I did!  I watched SATC again and afterwards decided to do some laundry.  As I was putting away some of my clean clothes from last time, I moved the stuff outside the wardrobe and what should I find but F’s cell phone!  On the floor, out of sight under the chair we pile stuff on for later.  Whew!  I wasn’t able to tell him because I had his phone, but I was happy about it.

I did lots of laundry, also did up another postcrossing and then in the afternoon I took a couple of cards over to the post office and mailed them.  I came home and then got started on dinner.  

F came home and had a joyful reunion with his cellphone.  They were joined together for most of the evening!

I cooked dinner.  We had microwave fried chicken (kind of a Shake and Bake-style thing), salad and stir-fried snow-peas and asparagus.  Everything was very nice and we enjoyed it.  F did the dishes and I relaxed.

In the evening I made brownies. I had bought a mix back in February and it was time for a celebration.  Also, I was worried that the weather would soon be too hot to use the oven in the apartment.  Today was a little cool so it was okay.

We had some brownies and ice cream with tea around midnight.  Very nice, and way too late in the evening.

And that basically was my day.  Hurray for finding F’s cell phone. He was lost without it! I did some crochet today too. I still have a few rows to do though.  Tomorrow I have an early class so I have to go.  Night!

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