May 6, 2012

Sunday - Rainy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon

A good day. 

We both went to bed incredibly late last night as I had things to do on my computer and F just wouldn’t go to bed! I was actually in bed before him.  

This morning F woke up when his mother called.  Like a good son he went over to visit her and I went back to sleep.  

I got up a few hours later to find F watching fighting on the TV.  I showered and then we went out for lunch.  We tried to go to a new restaurant but it wasn’t open yet.  We ended up going to one of F’s favourite places, the Chinese restaurant he often takes me for lunch.  It was okay, but I’d have preferred something else.  

We did a little shopping afterwards at S-Mall and then had a drink at Doutors.  We tried their new black sugar Houji-cha latte and it was rather nice.  

We came home and F worked on some Postcrossings while I did some too. I wrote three cards up tonight.

We had dinner at Gusto and enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t gourmet or anything, but it was nice.  We came home via the grocery store and picked up a few things for tomorrow and this week.  

We watched a bit of TV while I did some uploading of pictures to the net and to my postcrossing account.  F went to bed around midnight which is a good thing as he has to go to work tomorrow.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing tomorrow. I have a plan or two but it depends on the weather whether I can do them or not.   Tune in tomorrow and find out what I do!  Night.

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