May 7, 2012

Monday - Sunny and warm

A nice day.  I got up when my alarm rang this morning.  There’s something odd about a holiday that begins earlier than my usual day does.  I hate that hotels in Japan expect you to get out for the day before 10 am.  Because I’d had to get up early so much during Golden Week, it was easy to get up today. I had originally planned to go to see a movie this morning, but suddenly didn’t feel all that well, so stayed home instead.

I had a quiet day. I caught up on some of my TV watching, and I did a bit of housekeeping.  I had a quiet day in really.  In the afternoon I found a wad of postcards in our mailbox.  Four were for me, two were for F.  

F called me when he was finished work but said he had to go via a post office. I asked him to take me to the post office to pick something up.  He did, and we made it to the main post office. I was able to pick up my new bank card.  Yay.  

We came home and I got dinner underway.  Tonight we had fresh pasta with garlic alfredo sauce and salad.  I added some smoked salmon bacon style to the sauce and it was rather yummy.  F did the dishes afterwards and then we relaxed for a bit.  We watched Clint Eastwood’s The Eiger Sanction and enjoyed it. I had seen it before, but it was ages ago.  Probably more than 20 years ago? Eyes Wide Shut came on afterwards and I watched most of it but just don’t get it.  

F had a reasonably early night tonight and I’ll likely get off to bed soon too. I have a class tomorrow after all. My student called and booked tonight so I’m off to the school in the afternoon.  Yay! That’s it for me tonight.  TTFN!

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