May 8, 2012

Tuesday - Sunny and then cloudy/rainy in the evening

An odd day!

I woke up this morning and didn’t feel that great, so I stayed in bed a little longer.  After a bit I got up, showered and then watched a bit of telly.  I had a quiet morning and part of the afternoon.

I cooked my lunch and then left for work. I made good time, but noticed halfway there that my bike was a little wobbly in the front.  Yikes.  I made a note to ask F to check it for me.

At my school I got busy. I got things set up and did some cleaning as well.  I was ready on time and waiting for my student when she called and said she couldn’t come.  She was still at work.  

In my spare time I did some laundry at the school and some paperwork as well.  After a while I called F and asked him to come and get me.  When he did, I explained about my bike and he managed to fix it for me.  Yay!

We went to Cocos for dinner. I had pasta, their new one with asparagus and Spanish ham. It was great, but sadly, halfway through the meal I started to feel rather unwell.  I used the washroom a couple of times and then suggested to F that rather than going to the grocery store like usual, he just take me home.  

We went home and watched Play Misty for Me, the old Clint Eastwood movie. It was quite good. I had seen it before, but not for years.  I’m not sure if F liked it or not.

At 11 I watched Criminal Minds and did some of my crochet.  It was nice to do some of it again. I did make a mistake in my row, but hopefully I covered for it later.  Hopefully!

And that’s about it for my day.  I’m feeling better at the moment, and I’ll likely go to bed fairly soon. I need some sleep! Night.

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