Postcrossing Incoming & Bonus card!

To May 30, 2012

I've been having a great time with and as usual have received some great cards.  If you like sending and receiving mail, then you might be interested in joining up.

Since the last Postcrossing Update, I have received 6 new cards, plus a bonus I'll tell you about.  These are great cards, read on and enjoy!

This card came from the Netherlands and shows Olives on a board. It is a Nouvelles Images card and they are quite sought after. I like it a lot because at my convention in March I took an olive oil tasting workshop and this reminded me of it.  I like olives!
Olives on a board
The sender lives in a small village in the center of the Netherlands.  She's married and has two children.

This card came from Finland and shows Heath Church.  The sender writes that he met up with a friend of his who was in Canada on a holiday and he fell in love with Canada.  He says that I am living very far from my home country and he wouldn't be able to do that!

Nummen Kirkko//Heath Church

Cathedral of the Resurrection ("Our Saviour-on-the-Spilt-Blood") 1883-1907
Vitalik writes that he lives in Saint Petersburg, the central part of Russian culture.  His city is also well known as the city of white nights and rising bridges.

He writes that he's 17 years old and loves reading, travelling, and listening to music.  He wants to learn new languages  such as Spanish or Korean.  

At the moment he is writing very important exams, so my postcard was the last that he would be able to send until July most likely. He also apologised for writing his card while he was on the school bus!

It's a beautiful card, and quite a bit bigger than the usual cards I receive.  I really like this one.

Jiufen, Taipei
YungYa sent this card from Taiwan.  She noted that I am a big movie fan, but apologised that she didn't have any movie cards for me.  However, the city shown is a famous film location, she writes, and was the inspiration for "Spirited Away"(Sento Chihiro).  I would have loved it even without the film connection.  

This is a very special and rare card.  It comes from Nepal.  There are only 17 postcrossers in Nepal and there have only been 176 cards sent from the country.  I got one of them!  Yay!

A majestic view of Annapurna Range from the village of Dhampus
The sender writes that his country is full of natural beauty, and this picture shows one of the beautiful places.  This place is called Dhampus, and we can have a very close view of the mountains from there.  

Thank you for sending a card.  I appreciate it very much!

I received this card today from the Republic of Belarus.  Alena writes that this cards shows the most important book of all time in her opinion, the Bible.  She writes that she also finds it interesting and valuable for non-religious people too. 

She wrote that her favourite foreign movies are the two adaptations of Alice In Wonderland, the Tim Burton one, and one by Nick Willing. She wrote the name of her favourite Russian movie, but I can't read it!  

And now, the bonus.  It's a bit gruesome, so perhaps you don't want to see it, but this card was inspired by the novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.   I entered a competition on a blog and was the lucky recipient of this card.  It's a little scary, but I like this card!
A Bloody Twist on Jane Austen's Classic

Just as an aside, I found out about Postcrossing from the blog posted above, so I have an extra reason to be thankful to the sender!

That's it for today.  A lot of very interesting cards.  I hope you enjoy them all!


Perogyo said...

Zombie P&P is hilarious!

If you wanted, you could take a picture of her movie and send it to me at and I could try to figure it out for you.

Helen said...

Just wondering if it's okay to leave your email in this message...don't want you spammed.

I haven't read Zombie P&P! The blurb on the book put my back up as I thought it was a bit insulting to Jane, so didn't get it when I had the chance. Maybe I'll keep an eye out for it.

I don't know if I'd be able to get a good picture of the movie title. She wrote in really tiny letters and near the bottom of the card. I'll see if I can, thanks for the offer :-)

Perogyo said...

It's okay, that's my spam mail. :)

Helen said...

:-) Thought it might be, but wanted to check!

Anonymous said...

Great cards!! I didn't get any last week- I got rather used to receiving them...looking forward to building up to a point where they come on a regular basis!

Helen said...

Thanks Connie! I'm at that stage, so when I didn't have any postcards for 2 days I got rather concerned! I have to keep sending them though...never get to rest :-)