Postcrossing - Incoming

To May 7, 2012
I just received four postcards today, and my husband received two.  We've never received so many cards in one day before.  The post office had even bundled them for us, which hasn't happened outside of New Years before!

On with the show.....

All the way from Poland comes this postcard of Kurt Vonnegut.  The sender picked it for me because I am interested in literature and black and white portraits of famous people.  He strongly recommends Vonnegut's books to me.

I have read Slaughterhouse Five, but it was a very long time ago. I probably should read it again!
Kurt Vonnegut

This rather interesting card was sent from Estonia by a 30 year old history teacher.  She writes that many people write haiku.  She translated one into English and it goes something like this,"Japan is far away, Estonia is farther."

She used an interesting dragon stamp too. I really like it.  
A bride from Juri parish, North-Estonia (1897).
On the background: a West-Estonian (Andru parish) skirt.

Anastasia Volochkova "Dying Swan"
Zhenya from Russia sent me this card of a famous Russian ballet dancer.  She writes that she is also an English teacher and asks me to say "hi" to my students.

About the ballet dancer, Volochkova, she writes that she is connected with lots of scandals.  I did a little research and found that she was fired because of her height and weight, but then was rehired by the same company due to a court order. There may be more, but I didn't find it.

Fred from Taiwan sent this card and said that it was his honor to write the card to me!  He also wishes me good health and happiness.  A very nice wish!
Street Scene, Sansia

Well, there you have it.  Four lovely new cards, just arrived from Europe and Asia.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

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