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To May 21, 2012

Another lovely bunch of postcards for your perusal.  I have been very lucky with most of my cards.  I try quite hard to send out ones that I like and that match people's profiles, and I think most of the people who send to me do too.

Last week I received this lovely card from Germany. It features a very lovely actress, Romy Schneider.  Her life was not a happy one, as you'll see if you read the Wikipedia entry on her.

The card was sent by Rolf and he tells me that Romy Schneider is still very popular in Germany and France.  I wracked my brains, but I don't think I've ever seen any of her movies. I'll try and remedy that.

Romy Schneider, Hamburg 1961

Anya in the US sent me this great card because I am interested in cards with yarn work.  She writes that she has just learned how to crochet as part of her volunteer work.  She was very impressed with crocheting.  I hope she continues to enjoy herself.  I like knitting, but I'm much better at crocheting.
Tibetan Rugs
Khaden (bed rug), early twentieth century

Pakistan Pavilion, Expo 2010
Shanghai, China
The sender of this card tells me that he had lived in Sendai city for 3 years. He points out that it is not far from where I live.  Correctamundo!  A beautiful card.

Greeting from Holland
Adrienne in the Netherlands sent me this great card which arrived today.  She writes that she lives near the North Sea and in summer she likes to swim in it.  I wonder a little if she's a member of a Polar Bear club as the North Sea is famous for being really cold!

Four great cards.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as I have.  Hopefully there'll be something nice in my mailbox tomorrow too.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! I've been really behind in leaving comments-I'm so sorry! I love your cards! I've gotten a few nice cards and one or two that has left me scratching my head! I've done several private swaps and gotten some really nice cards that way but of course-I was able to choose! So far I've gotten 15 postcards, amazing! I'm having lots of fun! I ordered some nice cards on Amazon JP. Good deals! 30 cards in a box for around 600 yen!

Helen said...

Excellent Connie, I'm glad that you are having fun. Some people do send strange cards, but the majority that I have received have been great. However, the fourth or fifth was an ad card and the guy didn't even write hello on it...nothing, just the number and my address. I was quite annoyed!

Good for you doing swaps. I'm glad it is working out for you. The Amazon thing sounds good too. My DH and I have too many cards at the moment! I can't buy any for a while.

Thanks for visiting!