June 12, 2012

Tuesday - Cloudy, windy, and humid

A good day. I did go to bed at a reasonable time last night, so I was able to get up this morning fairly easily. I showered and then spent some quality time with my computer.  

I had a great lunch today. I used half of the leftover stirfry and used it to stuff an omelette.  Yum.  

I left a little early for work and made a deposit on the way to my school.  I got there and I got busy. I vacuumed the school and dusted, cooled it down as well.  After I changed and got ready for class, I did a little reading.  A few minutes after 5 my student called and said she couldn’t come.  Sigh.  A few minutes after that, F called to say that he was finished work.  When I reminded him that I was working he offered to come and get me, but I told him I wasn’t ready yet.  

I bicycled home and after F and I had a nice reunion, we discussed dinner.  F suggested having curry, so that’s what we did.  We made a trip to Coco Ichibanya and had dinner.  My curry was really nice and I was quite pleased by it.  

After that, we bought gas for the car,  made a quick trip to my school to check if I’d turned off the air conditioner (I had) and then bought some groceries.  

We came home and watched a bit of TV. I did some more crochet. I’m very nearly finished the main part of the blanket. I’ll try and post pictures soon.  

That was about it.  My day. It was quite nice, even though I had no idea how it was going to go.  Tomorrow….Don’t know yet! Come back and find out.  Night!

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