June 13, 2012

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A lovely day until the end.

I got up and did my usual stuff around the apartment.  I had a slight departure though.  I made chip dip.  Two kinds!  The story…during Golden Week, F bought us a huge bag of chips in Aomori.  I honestly told him not to do it, but he insisted.  Then, he kept wanting to open it for the next few weeks.  I wanted to put off consumption as long as possible. I was half hoping we’d be invited to a party so we could share them!  Anyway, we decided last night that we would open the bag today.  I made some chip dips to go with them.  I put the bowls in the fridge to let the flavours come though.

In the afternoon I went out.  I wanted to see if I could get my hair cut, and I could.  It’s really short now, but I love it.  I had left it too long since my last cut and my hair was totally shapeless and flyaway.  Now, it’s just cute!

After I left the salon, I went to the mall and had a sandwich and glass of tea.  I also checked out the bargain bin of the grocery store and found some rhubarb compote on sale.  Woot.  I grabbed one jar.  

I expected F to phone me at any minute, but he didn’t.  I biked home and there he was!  He said he’d just got home a few minutes before me.  

I cooked dinner tonight and it was okay.  We had snap peas with mint and onion, salad and basil chicken.  F did the dishes and after dinner he watched a bunch of Japanese TV.  There wasn’t too much on for me anyway, so I didn’t fuss.  

We had some of the chips and some of the dip.  They weren’t bad.  I think I should maybe add a little wasabi to one of the dips to give it a bit of oomph.  I’m odd that way!  F liked the dips.  Yay.

He had an early night.  I finished crocheting the main part of the baby blanket I’m working on, then started on the tedious job of darning in the ends.  I did crochet some of them in, so hopefully it won’t take too long.  I watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy that was on, it was a crossover episode with Private Practice.  

F went to bed while I watched the last part of the documentary on the Queen.  I’m surprised, but very glad that NHK ran all three parts of it.  F watched it yesterday and we talked about the differences between the British Monarch and the Japanese Emperor.  There are quite a few.

And then I went on Facebook and found out that an old friend from college has just gone into hospice.  We haven’t kept in touch beyond the odd “hi” on Facebook although I knew he had been ill.  

That’s it for me.  Night.

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