June 16, 2012

Saturday - Cloudy and then rainy

A good day

I got up this morning, but F had already left for the doctor.  I had a pleasant and quiet morning and then he came back!  He wasn’t feeling great so he napped for a bit.

We had lunch in Grado and it was okay.  I had chicken which I rather liked and F had cold pasta which was pretending to be Japanese noodles.  Both of our dishes were probably better served when the weather was hot, not cool like today. After lunch we came home.  

I watched What a Girl Wants which was fun if a bit simple, but still—Colin Firth! F left at the end of the movie to have his car seen to.  While he was gone, I got a head start on dinner, but couldn’t do as much as I had wanted.  I took a quick nap, but literally 5 minutes after I’d put my head down, my hub came home.  

I cooked dinner and it was quite nice.  We had basil-breaded salmon, salad and couscous.  F seemed to like it.  I did too.

We went to see a movie when we were finished dinner.  Tonight it was We Bought a Zoo.  We both enjoyed it. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it was “nice”.  I got quite weepy at parts of it! 

We came home after the movie and spent a quiet evening watching TV.  I made myself some tea, but F went to bed rather early.  

We both had a good day, although the bad weather is wreaking havoc with his back, and I’ve done something to my left shoulder.  Hope that feels better tomorrow.  Anyway, that’s it for me.  Night!

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