June 2, 2012

Saturday - Sunny but a bit muggy

A good day.  I overslept this morning and didn’t get up until F came back from the doctor’s office. Sigh. I meant to be done my shower before then.

We had an okay brunch at Gusto, then F dropped me off at my school. I had a great class with my student and afterwards did a bit of paperwork and then some lesson planning.  I called F a bit after 4 and he came to get me.

We decided to go first to my craft shop to renew my membership, then to the theatre to check out the movie times.  When we got to the theatre, we saw that The Artist was starting in either 10 minutes or after 7 pm.  I begged not to go to the next show as I’d just gotten off work and was hungry and needed a break.  

F suggested going to the Farmer’s market for dinner.  We did.  We had their buffet and it was quite nice.  We were one of only two groups there.  We had lots of food, too much to be honest.  

After dinner, we went back to the theatre and went to see The Artist.  We both really loved it.  It was just a treat from start to finish.  I know that some people would think it is boring, but I would disagree with them. Black and white and silent doesn’t mean dull in my books!  

When we left the theatre we were discussing the movie.  We also checked to make sure that F’s phone was on his person somewhere! Didn’t want a repeat of last week.

We came home and watched a bit of TV.  F watched most of it with me and is in fact still up.  

Tomorrow we may make a mall run to get more wool for my blanket. I’m just not sure.  It’s too small and I have to make it bigger.  I can’t very well rip it down and start again, so I’ll likely make it longer and then put sides on it to make it wider.  

Anyway, I’m out of here.  Night!

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