June 22, 2012

Friday - Cloudy with a little rain.  Cool

A good day.  I got up this morning and assessed the weather.  It wasn’t raining at all. Woot.  I quickly dressed, made the bed and did a quick computer check. I even gulped down a bit of yogurt.  

Then, I hopped on my bike and went to the theatre.  Today I went to see My Week with Marilyn.  I got there in oodles of time.  There was no bike malfunction like the last time I went!  I got myself some popcorn and a drink and went to the theatre.  I really enjoyed the film.  Michelle Williams was very good as Marilyn, and Sir Kenneth was excellent as Laurence Olivier.  I think my favourite characters in the film though were the ones played by Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi!  The movie wasn’t exciting, but it was well acted and very interesting.  

After the movie I rode off to the mall.  I hacked the hundred yen shop and then had a tea and sandwich at Doutors.  I tried their new one and it was good, but I’ve been burping it up all day! I picked up a few things from the grocery store then came home.  

At home, I relaxed for a while, then wrote a couple of Postcrossing cards.  I scanned them and then ran them out to the mailbox.  F was late tonight so I wasn’t in any rush. I took them to the mail a bit after 5 for a change.  

F came home around 7 pm and soon afterwards I got dinner started.  He’d brought most of it home yesterday.  He’d been able to go to a foreign imports store when he was having a work break.  Tonight we had salad with tomatoes, nama pasta with Genovese sauce.  I added in some of the very thin pork that they do here, sauteed and then cut it and put it on top.  Everything worked out nicely and dinner was quite good.  F did the dishes for us. Yay.

We had a fairly quiet evening, as he wasn’t home until late.  We watched Desperate Housewives at 11:15. Well, I watched it all and crocheted, he showered and then watched a few minutes of it.  He went to bed as it was ending.  Didn’t even say good night.  Boo!

I stayed up watching more TV and blogging. I should try to get to bed soon as I do have to work tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that.  Night!

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