June 25, 2012

Monday - Warm and sunny

An okay day. I got up this morning and had a cup of tea as I watched SATC. Yay.  After that I did do a few necessary things around the apartment like a bit of laundry.  

In the afternoon I received a couple of postcards so I scanned them. I wanted to be finished with the scanner before F came home.  However, he didn’t. At least, not for ages.

Around 6:30 when there was still no sign of my husband, I decided to get dinner prep underway.  I washed the tomatoes and the zucchini, then I steamed the zucchini with a clove of garlic.  The apartment smelt wonderful!  F called while I was doing this to say he was on his way.

He arrived home and I kicked the food prep into higher gear. I drained the zucchini and then started frying the chicken.  Everything came together quite quickly and we had a nice dinner.  The zucchini and garlic was really nice and I think F enjoyed it. I know I did!  It’ll probably make a lovely omelette filling tomorrow.

We had a quiet evening really.  F channel surfed and found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on so we watched that.  I had forgotten that Bridget Jones was on, so missed that, but I so enjoyed Harry that I don’t care!

After a bit of a break, F took his shower and I watched a bit of TV.  

Tomorrow I don’t really have any plans at all.  I should start my silly column.  I’ve been having problems deciding what to write about, but I think I’m going back in time to finish up a column I started earlier in the year.  
That’s about it for me. I hope to get out of the apartment tomorrow. Wish me luck with that!  Night! 

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