June 5, 2012

Tuesday - Cloudy and muggy

An okay day.  

I went to bed earlier than usual for me last night, so was able to get up at an almost reasonable time today!  I showered right away and then had a relaxing day at home. 

I did the necessary computer stuff, and after a while got started on dinner.  I marinated the pork, washed the lettuce and topped and tailed the snap peas. I was watching a classic movie on NHK, Gaslight.  I don't think I'd ever seen it before at all. It was great!

I never did go out.  I didn’t prepare any postcrossing cards to go out as I was hoping that one or more of my cards would arrive today but they didn’t.  Sigh.  They are all stuck somewhere. 

A little after F came home tonight I got dinner started.  It turned out quite well.  We had some Crystal Light at dinner too.  My BFF had sent me some and I finally got around to using it.  Quite nice really.  I wanted something without caffeine for a change. F actually thought that he’d be cooking dinner, but I did it.  He got to do the dishes. Yay!

We had a quiet night in.  We watched quite a lot of telly, but a goodly amount of it was stuff we both watched.  Criminal Minds wasn’t on tonight as there was Tennis on instead, so I didn’t get to do my crochet.  I’ll have to try and do a bit tomorrow instead.  

That was my day.  Short and sweet!  Night.


Perogyo said...

Gaslight is one creepy movie. I liked it, and it lead to a term used in psychology, gaslighting. I think it is a type of abuse used in Japanese companies a lot. :(

Helen said...

It was a creepy movie. It was scary how he isolated her and made her think she was crazy.

I liked the performances too. Neat to see Angela Lansbury as the "not very nice girl."

Perogyo said...

Indeed! Totally different than her later persona. I guess that's what makes her a good actress!

Helen said...

I agree! :-)