June 7, 2012

Thursday - Hot and sunny with lots of black clouds

A good day. I got up this morning, took a shower. I spent a little bit of time on my computer then made my lunch.  I had another omelette, this one with plastic cheese and some lettuce.  It wasn’t bad at all.  After doing the dishes, I headed out on my way.

It was already over 25 degrees in my school when I got there.  Oh, and there was something else going on too.  There were men delivering new washing machines to the apartments.  It looks like it was to all the apartments except mine!  I was quite surprised. It was a bit noisy at first, but better noisy during my prep time than during my student’s lesson time.

My student came on time and we had a good class.  She did well today.  We talked about Postcrossing a little too.  She’s started doing it too and is enjoying it very much.  

After my class I did my paperwork, read the newspaper and did a little work on a project, then I left the school.  I did go to a convenience store on the way home, but that was it.  

F had called me at school a couple of times.  Once was to say that he’d taken tomorrow off to do some personal work.  He’d called while I was brushing my teeth and I had to keep spitting out toothpaste during our call!  The other time he called was to ask if I wanted him to buy some more postcards for me.  I did, so he picked a few up for me.  

After he arrived home tonight, I started the dinner prep.  It went fairly quickly tonight so I was quite happy about that!  We had microwaved “Shake and Bake” style chicken, plus salad and cup soup. It all turned out nicely.  F had rice with his.  He did the dishes afterwards and we settled in for a quiet evening.  Except… After 10 pm I asked him if he’d like some ice cream.  I was really needing some, so we drove to McDonald and had an ice cream sundae each.  It hit the spot.  

We came home again and I watched some TV and did a little crochet.  No, I haven’t forgotten about it.  I got 4 rows done on the baby blanket.  Hurray.  

And that was my day basically.  I hope things go well with us tomorrow. I’m a little nervous because when F takes off time from work it doesn’t always go well for us, but I hope it will be fine.  I am also planning to cook dinner tomorrow night as we bought the ingredients already.  Wish me luck tomorrow.  Night. 


Perogyo said...

What a great idea to introduce Postcrossing to your student! Not only is it fun to talk about, but a great literacy activity too!

Helen said...

I use my postcards to decorate my classroom and I have been suggesting to students that they try it. She's the only one to have given it a try, but she loves it. Yay!

It's a non-judgmental way for students to practice writing in English, plus it is very communicative! They are also working on reading because they have to read the other person's profiles. It's real English...

My husband does it too! He practices what he's going to write on a piece of paper and sometimes gets me to check it for him. He really enjoys it so much!

Perogyo said...

Oh that is cool! My husband wrote me a note in English about 7 years ago and it means a lot to me. :)

Helen said...

F and I speak English together, so it's our language. He hasn't done a lot of writing, so this is a good thing for him. We did write letters to each other before we got married, but they were a long time ago. He does need practice though, and this is a good way for him to do it. His spelling is terrible though ;->