July 1, 2012

Sunday - Happy Canada Day - Cloudy then rainy

Had a good day!

Both F and I stayed up way, way too late last night.  We were just chilling out, watching a little TV, nothing exciting.  Even so, he was still up and out of bed hours before me. 

When I got dressed we talked about where to have lunch and F treated us to The Grand El Son’s lunch.  We both had a kind of hamburger, with soup, bread and their salad bar.  Yum.  Afterwards, we drove over to the glasses place.  Long story shorter, I’m going to get some new glasses for using my computer.  

Then, we went to see the good people at LeoPalace about a letter I got at my school.  They told us they couldn’t help us, we had to phone the call centre.  Bah!  We left after making a couple of complaints about the tiles on the steps up to the apartments.  I’m sure they’ve heard it before.

F called the Call Centre for me and they’ll visit the school in a couple of weeks.  

After this, we went to karaoke.  F wasn’t feeling too good, so it was a bit of a sacrifice for him.  As it was Canada Day, I tried to do mostly Canadian artists and it was fun.  The karaoke box didn’t have that much stuff from Canadian artists which was sad, but I did okay.  We had a few things to eat during our time there, so we didn’t get dinner afterwards.

We picked up a few things for tomorrow from the grocery store and then came home.  We both wrote up a couple of postcards to send to people in other countries.  F went to bed earlier than me obviously, but he’s got to go off to Yamagata tomorrow morning.  I shall be a lady of leisure, which I’m sort of looking forward to being!

Anyway, today was a lovely day and it was good to spend it with my hubby.  I’ll probably talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

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