July 11, 2012

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

Happy Convenience Store Day

Today was a pretty good day.  I got up this morning, watched SATC, tried to deal with some problems for one of my internet groups but failed miserably, and had a bit of a hurry up and get nothing done day.

I did manage to go to the post office and mail some cards and a card swap to another person in Japan.  Whew!  I got home and discovered that I’d left a card behind, however.  Sigh.  

When F came home, he gave me a postcard that his co-worker had received from a postcrosser in France.  She needed help reading it and so did F. I spent a bit of time and typed what I thought the sender wrote.  It was a bit tough as I am now used to  that funny meld of Japanese and English, but this was a funny meld of English and French.  The person’s handwriting was terrible and part of his writing had been stamped over too, which didn’t help.  Finally I got it done, I just hope the woman can understand it.  F will try to explain it to her.  Maybe I should have been a pharmacist since I’m fairly good at reading bad writing?

We went to Cocos for dinner and had a good one.  I had hamburg and pilaff, F had cold noodles.  We both had lots of drink bar.  I have to remind myself to keep drinking with this heat.

At home tonight we vegged a bit and I wrote some email that I’d been putting off.  I went over to the couch for the season opener of Grey’s Anatomy, or as I like to call it, my crochet time!  The show was a bit “meh” tonight, funny for a season opener.  They’d better liven things up or I’ll find something else to watch on Wednesday nights.  However, the good news is that I finally finished the blanket.  Woot.  I even darned in the ends.  Tomorrow I’m going to do a final check and take some pictures of it.  I’m excited about it.

Watched a bit of late night TV,nothing special tonight and then F went to bed. I should get there soon too.  Tomorrow I hope and plan to have an exciting day of laundry for myself.  Wish me luck with that.  Night!

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