July 15, 2012

Sunday - Hot, humid and very cloudy

A good day.

I slept in quite late this morning, no big deal.  I got up, but F was more interested in his kickboxing than me, so I went back to bed for a nap.  I got up a bit later and I thought the day was going to go downhill, but it didn’t.

We had a later lunch at KappaSushi then came home and F got us ready to go fishing.  I wasn’t sure that things would go well, but… we drove out to the coast, stopping once to pick up some new bait.  At the dock we found a good spot and I prepared to be bored.  I wasn’t!  We ended up catching close to 30 little fish, mostly aji.  I caught one that we threw back as F said it wasn’t a good fish for eating, then a man who was doing a spot of fishing gave us a couple that he caught.  So…we’ll be eating fish sometime tomorrow.  F is in charge of preparing them!

We came home briefly and I changed my clothes.  I’d been wiping bait off my hands on the sides of my pants, so wanted fresh pants to go for dinner.  I changed, F dealt with the fish for tonight and off we went.

We went to Edoichi for yakiniku and it was quite good.  It was really busy at first.  It is the local Obon so many people were out with their families.  It is probably also why the dock wasn’t too busy.  

We came home and watched a bit of TV.  F wrote a couple of postcards for postcrossing, I watched Hanna, a movie.  At one point in the movie, F tried to go to the kitchen, tripped over his computer cord and sent his iced tea flying.  It went all over the floor, chesterfield and the spare bedroom door.  I gave him a hand cleaning it up and it took a while.  Sigh.  

That’s really about it.  We had a much nicer day than I thought we would.  Fishing was actually fun for a change. Usually we don’t catch much, but today it was almost worth going!  I’ll let you know how the fish were tomorrow.  Night!

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