July 18, 2012

Wednesday - Hot and muggy, sunny

A good day. I got up at a goodly time this morning and showered. I came through to the living room to watch my usual SATC.  What am I going to do when they take away that channel?  I’ll just enjoy it till then.  

I had a quiet morning, got my computer stuff done and then cooked my brunch.  I had an omelette, plus a couple of the leftover fish reheated.  I did dishes and noticed that F hadn’t cleaned the grill from the other night when he cooked the fish.  I soaked it in the sink.  

I left for work and had a quick ride to the school. It was so humid out there that I was dripping by the time I got to my school.  I had to turn on the AC and cool down the classroom as much as possible before my student arrive.  She got to the school on time and we had a good, if long class.  When her class ended she stayed on to chat.  I don’t mind a reasonable amount of time, but more than 10 minutes feels like stealing to me.  

After she left, I did paperwork, prepped a class for her and checked my set up for tomorrow’s class.  I had to seek out some homework for that student, so I left everything ready for her.  

F was supposed to call me when he finished work, but 6 pm came and I didn’t get a call. I texted him, and he called back. He’d just arrived home, so he changed and came for me.

We went home and I started cooking right away.  Tonight I made a couple of things from the grocery store. We had a chopped steak…a bit like a Salisbury steak , plus an eggy dish with a chicken-veg sauce that was surprisingly good.  We also had a salad and some buns that we bought last night.  F liked the meal and it was fairly low stress for me. Yay.

F did the dishes, then we ran out to the grocery store to get something for F’s breakfast.  We came home in time for Sherlock tonight.  That was really good.  Benedict Cumberbatch is quite interesting and I must say that I enjoy Martin Freeman as Watson too.  W

Also watched Grey’s Anatomy tonight, but I’m kinda over that show.  I think I might just stop watching it.  They don’t pay much attention to the characters I like now, and I’ve never cared for Meredith.  I can always catch it in the reruns I suppose.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Tomorrow I have a class that is earlier than today’s one, so I’d better try and get some sleep.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow?  Night.

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