July 2, 2012

Monday - Cloudy and very humid

A good day, but odd.

I got up this morning to an empty house. I was sad because I thought I’d wake up in time to say goodbye to F before he left.  I think he left a little early.  

I settled onto the couch to watch SATC, but midway through it I made a disturbing discovery.  F had left his wallet on the kitchen table. It was under something so he didn’t see it.  Oh my gosh. I knew he didn’t have any money with him, and he wasn’t due to come home tonight.

I sent him a text to tell him it was here and I wondered what to do.  Should I catch a bus to Yamagata and give him the wallet and then come back again, or what?  F called me when he had a break and we discussed it a little.  He decided to ask a co-worker to lend him some money for the hotel.  Later, he called me again and said he’d just come home after work and then drive back to Yamagata tomorrow morning.  I really didn’t want him to do that! Finally, he did ask a co-worker if he could borrow some money from him.

The downside to all of this kerfuffle was that my plan for the day got knocked on its keister!  I had planned to go to a movie in the early afternoon and then have lunch at the mall.  I never did get to a movie, but I did go to the mall later on and had a drink.  

In the evening I went out and had sushi for dinner, then picked up some yogurt and stuff at the grocery store.  I came home again and just relaxed for a while!  I had a good night.  I did crochet for 2 hours tonight and loved it.

I’m up too late, so I have to go and get some sleep, but that’s about it for my day.  Got to go.  Night!


Anonymous said...

cocos has mexican food????

Helen said...

They have a little, but it isn't very authentic! The quesadillas are quite spicy (to me, but I'm a wuss) and they have a taco salad that is okay, but probably not a real one. Once in a while they have tacos, but I don't think right now.

So, if you're looking for real Mexican food...keep looking!

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