July 21, 2012

Saturday - windy and warm, gorgeous day

I had an okay day today. I got up when I had to, showered and then got ready for work. I spent a bit of time on my computer before we left for work.

F didn’t want to have “the usual” for breakfast today, so we lunched in a gyudon shop. It was okay. I like gyudon, but I wasn’t in the mood for it today.

F dropped me off at my school and I got busy.  I had many things to do, and I did them all before class. Yay.  When my student and her mother came, we had a great lesson.  After class, I sent them off on their way and I did some paperwork and  other necessary things.  

I called F and he picked me up.  After a few minutes at home, where I checked my email, we headed out to the mall.  We got there, spent 10 minutes finding a parking space and then headed into the mall.  Inside F started to look sheepish.  He didn’t have his wallet.  He went back to the car to check. It wasn’t there.  We drove back home and he picked it up.  Then, we did it all over again.  I suggested that we park behind the mall, so that we wouldn’t have a hard time finding parking, but F didn’t.  

We went to the travel company to ask about a trip I have to take in September. We wanted to see if it was doable for me or not.  It looks mostly okay.  Fingers crossed.  We didn’t have to pay today AND they let us out ages after the store closed. I wasn’t too impressed with F making us so late.

We had a quick tea and a scone at Mr Donuts, then had dinner at Pacific Airy Heights.  I like that place…it’s looks like it is the kind of restaurant that a person opens when they’ve dreamt of owning a restaurant all their life.  

We came home afterwards, and F went to bed almost immediately.  That meant that he’s been sleeping since 8-ish.  It’s been a lonely night for me, but I don’t feel guilty for making him watch “my” TV!  That’s really about it for me.  I have no idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  We’ll probably go to the museum for F to see the Katana display, but apart from that, I’m not sure.  Come back tomorrow and see what happens! Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

How exciting to have your sword in a museum! Be sure to tell us the story behind that sometime. Take a picture of it in the museum to share with us, if they'll let you.

Helen said...

Oops...I shall have to edit that a bit. I meant to say "his katana display". Every year they show katana and F loves to go and see them. He does have a katana, but it isn't in the museum. It probably could be, as it is very old.

That's what I get for blogging so late at night. Sorry....but thanks for catching that.