July 22, 2012

Sunday - Hot and sunny

An okay day.

Last night, F had gone to bed very early.  Well, he got up around 3 am last night and sat on the couch for a while. We watched the Actor’s Studio and then I went to bed.  F came a few minutes later.  

I slept in fairly late, although I did drag myself out of bed around noon today.  F was watching kickboxing as always.  We decided to go out for lunch a little after two and chose to go to the new Italian buffet place.  It was a mistake!  The food was good, but it was quite carby and even now, I just can’t handle all that starchy food, and not much protein.  We did enjoy our meal, but it was a bit much honestly.  

We went to the Chido Museum to see the Katana exhibit.  It was quite cool this year.  They were all new katana…as in made recently and the tags even had English on them.  Yay.  I scanned the swords faster than F as I’m not as in love with them  as he is.  I sat myself down and got out my fan and fanned myself.  It was hot and stuffy in the room.  

We left after a while, and walked around the building and looked at the lovely garden in the back.  I like to see the differences if I can in how it looks.  Today the pond was a bit greener than before.  

After the museum, F was all set to take me to karaoke, and I had really wanted to go, but, I was still too full. I felt a little sick from eating so much and wanted to go home.  We came home, and after a little while, both of us took a nap.  

Around 8 I got up and then so did F.  Around 9 he started talking about going out and I was all set to go when I remembered that Sherlock’s second season was starting tonight.  Horrors!  I couldn’t miss that.  I thought I was missing it honestly, but the paper told me it was on at 10.  We made a fast trip to the grocery store.

Going to the grocery store with F is not a fast thing.  He follows me everywhere I go. I will leave him looking at dead fish, and go and check out the produce.  He will search me out and will follow me everywhere, even when I ask him not to.  I haven’t figured out if he thinks I’m going to shoplift something or if I’ll need help identifying zucchini or something.  Gah.  Then, when I think we’re done, he remembers something that he needs.  He wanders all over the store looking for it.  Or he would if I didn’t have a good idea where it was.  I’ve probably mentioned as well how annoying he is when he pays for the groceries too.  He stands there and acts surprised when the clerk asks for money. He grudgingly gets out his wallet and then proceeds to count out the change part of it one yen at a time.  Finally he’ll pull out the bill or bills and hand them over.  It drives me crazy.  I don’t think he’s making any friends with the clerks either.  In the old days when I had an income, I used to pay for groceries because he was too annoying.  Now I just cast my eyes to the ceiling.

We came home quickly and since F put the groceries on his side of the car, he took them out. He took something else out that fell on the ground.  I came round to see if I could help but he said no.  Then, he flashed me with the car lights when he locked the car.  And then he got mad at me for being in the way of the lights.  

Anyway, got inside and saw the episode of Sherlock. It was wonderful.  I think even F watched it a bit.  I can’t wait for the second part.

The rest of the night was quite quiet and friendly.  F has to go to work in the morning and I’ll be a lady of leisure.  I hope!  That’s it for me.   Night!

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