July 28, 2012

Saturday - Hot and sunny

I woke up in a panic this morning, thinking I had overslept. I hadn’t!  I got up and showered.  After, we tried to watch a bit of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies but I got really upset with the Japanese announcers (again!) for NEVER SHUTTING UP.  They spoke over Paul McCartney for heaven’s sake. 

We left for the restaurant but it was busy for a change, so we had to wait.  I was a bit annoyed at F because he didn’t get ready until I was out the door.  Gah.  Still, we ate before the go to work time and then F dropped me off.  

I got ready for my first class, taught it and it went well. We really enjoyed ourselves and she went off with her mother.  

I had a couple of hours until my next class so I relaxed, did a bit of paperwork, drank some tea, read the newspapers and then twenty minutes before my next class, I got ready for it.  Time came, but my student didn’t. I called her after 10 minutes, but there was no answer.  Since it was her time, I stayed there until the time was up, but she never called and didn’t come.  

I called F and asked him to pick me up afterwards.  He did, and that’s when things started to get weird.  He picked me up and asked me what I wanted to eat.  I didn’t really care at that moment as I wasn’t hungry.  We drove out to the mall and parked.  

We walked past all of the restaurants in one part of the mall, but F wasn’t interested, and neither was I.  I didn’t want Japanese food, definitely no noodles and no rice if I could help it.  F had said earlier that he’d like some fast food, so we walked to that area of the mall.  I have a wonky ankle at the moment so it was a tad painful to walk over there.  I checked the bakery and they had some nice looking sandwiches, so I said to F that I would buy some of them and eat them while he ate his food.  Except, he wouldn’t buy any.  He turned up his nose at everything.  We walked back to the restaurant section and of course he wanted Japanese food.  We went to a fish/noodle restaurant.  I wasn’t impressed, but had some okay salmon and ikura on rice.  Just what I didn’t want. F barely talked to me all meal.

We went to see The Dark Knight Rises and it was good.  It was also quite busy in the theatre.  It was one of the first times that I’ve seen that theatre that full.  I really enjoyed the movie, and loved seeing Tom Conti in it. I haven’t seen him in movies for years.  

We came home after the movie and we talked a little bit.  F wants me to choose the restaurants all the time, but frankly, I don’t want to.  More than half of the time, F will turn his nose up at the places I want to go because of course they don’t serve ramen.  I think my husband is a carbohydrate addict. I wish I could get him to give them up for a month or so. But, that’s just my pipe dream, I know it’ll never happen.

We watched a bit of TV, or at least I thought we did until I realised F was listening to his computer with the earphone on.  He went to bed a while ago. I’ve got him at home for the next two days so I hope we both survive it!

That’s it for me.  Got to go.  Night!

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