July 29, 2012

Sunday - Hot, humid, horrible!

An okay day really.

I woke up this morning around 10 something.  F was searching the apartment for something. He was looking for the remote control for the air conditioning.  I got up and helped him look, couldn’t find it either, but was too awake to go back to sleep.  He finally found it, about an hour later, in the box we have for storing the remote controls.  Hmm.  

We went out for lunch after a bit of a finagle to decide where.  We went to a yakiniku restaurant.  Their food is good, but the service is BAD. Their waiters are youngish men who really don’t know or care what they are doing.  F ordered a combo lunch of ramen and a mini-bibinba.  He got the bibinba, plus some meat but no ramen came.  He wasn’t impressed, but as they hadn’t charged him for it, he didn’t make a fuss.  

We were supposed to go out for karaoke this afternoon, but then F had a brainwave.  We’d go home and watch the DVR of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  I really wanted to go to karaoke, but said okay.  As usual, I found myself getting sucked into them. I quite enjoyed them, although I could have done without the Japanese commentary over everything.  And, please…turn up the volume when lovely people like Kenneth Branagh speak.  

I enjoyed watching the athletes’ procession too. I kept thinking that there are so many countries that I haven’t sent cards to (nor received cards from) that I know I have to keep on Postcrossing!

Around 7 we decided to go out to karaoke and we’d just have dinner there.  It wouldn’t be healthy, but at least we’d get out to karaoke.  We also had to be home by 10:00pm as I had a date with Sherlock!  
We went to the cheap place we go sometimes and had a pretty good time.  F had his ramen finally, and as usual didn’t like it!  Bah ha ha!

We came home about 4 minutes before Sherlock, so I got comfortable and then settled in for The Hound of the Baskervilles.  It was really good. I like the way that they update the old stories, they have the same general theme, but are very modern.  

Watched a bit of TV after that before letting F have control of the remote. We are now watching Ladies Team Archery. I have to say that it is quite interesting!  One of my students does archery at school and seems to love it, and I’ve always had a thing for Robin Hood, so….

Tomorrow F is off work, and we have a bit of stuff to do.  For some reason he has to take me to city hall —something to do with taxes I think…his not mine.  Then we need to go to the mall for a few minutes, and finally go to Sakata…I think.  That one is still a maybe sort of proposition.  

Anyway, I should go.  Wish me luck for tomorrow, ‘kay?  Night.


Sherry said...

I really don't understand this noodle thing. He always wants noodles but never seems to like them. Or rarely. Why not order something else if they are almost always disappointing?

Helen said...

I think there are two reasons...
1) He's an eternal optimist...he always hopes they'll be great....
2)is a long story....did you ever watch Frasier? One night Frasier and Niles went to a restaurant. The meal was okay, but something wasn't quite right. Maybe the wine wasn't up to par or the sauces weren't the best. When Frasier went home, Daphne asked him about their meal and Frasier listed off their complaints and said they spent the evening complaining about the meal. Daphne replied something to the effect of,"Then you enjoyed yourself!"

More that he _likes_ complaining about the ramen that isn't up to his standard I think!

Or he's just weird!

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