July 30, 2012

Monday - Hot and sunny

A great day!

Surprisingly, I had a good day today.  I didn’t think I would, but it turned out rather well.

I got up this morning and F was in the last stages of getting ready to go out. He was going to run an errand.  I didn’t really want to stay up, but did. I showered and then came back for my SATC fix. Surprisingly it was an episode that I hadn’t seen before, so was glad I could watch it.  F came back towards the end and wasn’t annoying. Yay. 

Afterwards, I got dressed and then we went out.  First we hit up city hall and got F’s paper for his taxes.  No problems.  Then, we went for lunch.  Our first choice was closed so we were going to go downtown, when I remembered the place I went with a friend a few months ago.  We tried there and had a lovely lunch.  I had bacon and zucchini pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, with salad, a drink and dessert.  Yum.  F had sardine pasta in a Sicilian sauce. He also had drink and a dessert.  I had chocolate cake, and he had peach gelato.  Both were really good.

After lunch we went to the bank quickly, then the travel agency.  We found out that I didn’t have to pay for my trip today, which was good because I wasn’t sure if there would be a trip or not.  I also had my photo taken in a machine in the mall. 

We drove out to Sakata, taking a detour for gas.  We were running on fumes!  F said it didn’t matter as he had gas for 18 more kilometres, but Sakata was 19 km away at that point.  I told him I wasn’t pushing the car!  I think that was part of the reason we had fun today, we made a lot of dumb jokes.

We went to the Immigration Office and I had my Certificate of Alien Registration converted to the new card. It was painless to be honest and the guy knew what he was doing.  We were in and out of the office in about 15 minutes or less.  

When we left the building I asked F if he’d mind if I gave my friend in Sakata a call to see if we could have a drink together.  I called her and luckily enough for us she was free.  We made plans to meet in half an hour.  In that half hour, we looked for parking, then zoomed over to the famous Warehouses where we bought a couple of postcards.  Then we zoomed back to the little restaurant to meet my friend and her baby.  

F had a lovely time playing with the baby, and my friend and I did a bit of chatting.  I think in weather like this that it so hard to decide to leave the apartment. I know I never want to unless there’s a good reason.  Sadly we had to go our separate ways after a while, but it was nice to be spontaneous about meeting up with someone.  I really loved the chance.

F and I did a little shopping over at Yamaya, and while I was there I got some bad news about one of my students.  She’ll be fine, but at the moment isn’t.  I’m hoping that she will be feeling better sooner than expected.  

We had dinner at Steak Miya on the way out of Sakata and it was quite nice, if a tad expensive.  They have nice steak, but it isn’t cheap.  Still, we enjoyed our meal.  

Back in Tsuruoka, we went to the bookstore to run an errand for F, then hit up the grocery store for tomorrow’s dinner.  We got something new to try…hope it works. 

We watched a bit of TV at home and then I took over the TV and watched my stuff.  There was CSI, Rizzoli and Isles, and finally Torchwood.  Love that Captain Jack.  

F went to bed and I’m going to go soon.  It was a long, but good day.  Are you still with me? Got to sleep!  Night.


Mieko said...

You seemed to have a good day. I didn't know that you have Miya-stake". Is it expencive? Probably it is the same group of our Miya-stake in Utsunomiya. But it's famous with inexpencive price, of corse depends on our order.

Helen said...

Steak Miya is one of a group of restaurants. There is also M's Dining and a couple of other ones. Steak Miya is a bit expensive for a family restaurant. Most of the main courses start at 1000 yen. It isn't easy to have a cheap meal there! M's Dining used to be in Tsuruoka and it was cheapish.

It might be the same company. I don't know, sorry!

And it was a good day!

Thanks for visiting :-)