July 8, 2012

Sunday - Hot, humid and cloudy

A good day.

Had a spat with my husband early on. Honestly, the man hasn’t learned the importance of agreeing to disagree.  He thinks I should always accept whatever he says as true and intelligent.  (Snort!)  He ran off as he usually does, but left his wallet behind.  I texted him and he came back a bit later.

We made up and then went out for lunch.  We had a quick and yummy lunch at Kintaro Sushi, then went to pick up my glasses.  I got a new pair of glasses for reading and using the computer.  I’m supposed to use my older ones for reading and farther distances now.  My new ones are okay so far.  

After the glasses shop, we had a drink in Mr Donuts.  F had one of their new doughnuts with ginger in it. He said it tasted like gingerbread.  Sort of glad I didn’t try it. I don’t mind gingerbread, but don’t like ginger much.  

We discussed what to do, and F wanted to go to the museum.  We tried going, but they’d already closed for the day.  After that, he suggested a movie.  We drove home for a few minutes and then out to the mall.  We had dinner at the mall, a “Pair Set” at the fast food court. It wasn’t good.  We had yakisoba and okonomiyaki.  To be fair, the okonomiyaki was good, it had been freshly made and was quite delicious.  The noodles were not anything special.

We went to see Man on a Ledge tonight and it wasn’t anything special either.  It was fun, but not a must-see by any means.  It was one of those movies where if you think about what happened, it won’t hold together.  

After the movie we drove back to Tsuruoka and bought some groceries.  I didn’t buy anything for dinner tomorrow.  

We watched a bit of TV, including an Atom Egoyan film called Chloe. It was very weird, but Canadian, eh!  The main actors weren’t, but the director and the location were. After midnight, I re-watched the first part of The Walking Dead, and F joined me after his shower.  

That was my day.  It turned into a fairly good day after all.  Tomorrow, I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  Come back and find out. Night!


Mieko said...

Do you like OKONOMINAKI? All foreigners I met until now, loves OKONOMIYAKI. They say it's a healthy pancake. But the other day a laday who are from South Afirca said I don' care for OKONOMIYAKI because of cabagae soft texture. It was the first time for me. To tell the truth, I don't mind OKONOMIYAKI, not so bad.

Helen said...

I really like Okonomiyaki, when it's freshly made and nice and hot. Our local shop makes Hiroshima style, so in spring he uses special cabbages and it is so good. He puts noodles in it too, I like the thick noodles, my husband likes the thin ones!

Maybe that lady doesn't like cabbage? My best friend had okonomiyaki in Japan, but can't make it in Canada...she doesn't like seafood very much.

Thanks for visiting Mieko...I keep meaning to comment on your blog....I should do that now!

Perogyo said...

You're the opposite of me! I hate okomonomiyaki (it's the weird flakes) and am not a big fan of gingerbread (unless it's iced) but I love ginger. And gingers (hehe).

Helen said...

Which gingers do you like??

There's something about ginger that I just don't like. Not a fan of ginger ale, I don't mind ginger pork, but won't go out of my way to get it, I'm not really sure why on that one.

I don't think I grew up with the taste of ginger as I can't remember my mum ever making gingerbread or ginger anything. (BTW, I mean MUM...my bugaboo about spelling is "mom" bleck. My mother was British so she was our Mum...) I digress...

Funny about the okonomiyaki!