Postcrossing - Incoming

To July 2, 2012

Since Saturday I have received 5 postcards, so thought I had better write about them right away for your viewing pleasure.  The cards I received are quite nice and some of them have amazing stamps.  Follow along and see....

From the US comes this picture of New York.  It isn't a regular "tourist" view, but I like it a lot.  It comes from Brooklyn.  The senders, who are two illustrators and authors of children's books say that they like to go walking through Williamsburg to see what new murals have appeared. 
New York, Lower East Side, 1990
They also used these amazing stamps that are up this movie fanatics alley!

Sadly, the Post Office managed to blank out most of Marilyn's face, but Humphrey Bogart and Hattie McDaniel still look good.

My next postcard came from Russia and shows something that most of us think of as dull and uninteresting, a subway station.  But, take a look at this metro station's vestibule in Russia.  Wow!

Vestibule of the metro station Kiyevskaya-Koltsevaya (in the circular line), 1954

I think it is grander than the place I got married in!

Laure in France sent me the next postcard.  It's quite a famous one that most of you will have seen before.  It is by Robert Doisneau, who is one of her favourite photographers.  She wrote that he has a beautiful and optimistic eye on the world. 
Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville, Paris, 1950. Photograph by Robert Doisneau

Versailles stamp
This was the gorgeous stamp on the card.  Amazing.

I received two cards today and this is what I got.  In the first one, I think that this is a lobster...any thoughts?  I'm guessing white wine and maybe dill?
This guy came from Finland, from Leena.  She is really looking forward to summer!  She's going to her summer cottage soon where she'll go swimming in the lake and will eat grilled food.  Ooh, can I come too?

Greetings from Vlissingen/Flushing

 Annemarie from the Netherlands sent this card to me.  It has a cut out top...I put the green behind the card so that it would show up on the screen.

The statue is of Michiel de Ruyter, a famous and skilled Dutch Admiral.  He was born in Vlissingen.  

It's a very cool card!

Once again, 5 interesting cards.  I just sent 4 cards off today so hopefully they'll be received soon.  What will be in my mailbox tomorrow?  I can't wait to find out.


Perogyo said...

Mmmm that lobster looks yummy!

Helen said...

I really miss Lobster season...about once a year I remember the grocery stores in Edmonton used to sell lobsters quite cheaply. I used to load up on was so good!

They don't do it here for some reason! :-(

Thanks for visiting :-)

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Annemarie was one of the first people I sent a card to. How funny!
I'm actually rather disappointed as I have sent out 6 cards and received zero back. Soon I'm off for the summer and will have to deactivate my account, so that is disappointing too. Oh well, I can start fresh in Sept.
BTW, do you respond when people comment when they register your card? I'm wondering how much to communicate with people. Also, I got my first gotochi card spam already... I can see why you wouldn't want to do those. I imagine they are expensive cards. I've got a ton of postcards saved up and am picking out ones that the recipient might like. Free is always better than run-around-and-buy-something-new.
Keep sharing your cards and stamps. I love seeing them!

Helen said...

Really Crafty? Neat...and I just sent a card to the first Japanese person that you sent to!

It depends on how much contact people want. I don't really want penpals, but if they're interested in a point of life in Japan or something I might reply to them. If they just say thanks, then I usually don't bother to respond.

The Gotochi cards are more expensive than regular cards, ¥180 I think, plus they are extra to send. Most people want you to send them in an envelope too. I've heard that you aren't supposed to send them overseas without an envelope (no idea if it is true though...)

Glad you're enjoying it! Sorry you haven't got a card yet though. It can take a couple of weeks as your name maybe didn't come to the top of the list yet.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

Thanks for the good advice, Helen. I'll put my patience hat on and keep my fingers crossed that I'll receive my first card soon. How funny that we are sharing recipients!