August 1, 2012

Wednesday - Hot, sunny and humid

An okay day. 

I got up quite early this morning again and biked over to the post office to mail my postcards.  Then I came home and watched my show.  

I had a quiet day at home really.  I watched a bit of TV, but in the afternoon took a shower. I felt like I needed it! I watched last weeks Grey’s Anatomy, even though I swore I was giving the show up.  It was okay.  I did watch Wallander which was great.  Quite depressing, but Kenneth is wonderful as usual.

F came home towards the end, and was a bit quiet and not too hungry. I was a bit, so I started dinner early.  It worked out quite nicely.  We had pork saute with salad, and pasta on the side.  The worst thing for me was that I told F dinner would be about 5 minutes and then a few minutes later, I announced that dinner was ready.  That’s when he decided to run off and use the washroom.  Why didn’t he go at the 5 minute warning? Honestly.

We had a quiet dinner.  We were in this weird space where whatever the other person said made us mad, so probably better not to talk. F did the dishes and watched the Olympics.

I took a 25 minute nap and when I got up asked F if he’d like to go out for ice cream. It was still hot and humid, so I wasn’t too surprised when he said yes.  We drove out to Gusto and we both had chocolate parfaits.  They were so good.  Yum! 

We came home again and F watched more of the Olympics.  He took his shower and I changed the station. Ha!  I’m watching old Bones and really enjoying it.  I feel sad that I haven’t been able to see it for years.  When I was putting away the dishes, I discovered that my little teapot’s handle has broken.  The pot is glass, but the handle was plastic. F is thinking about getting a replacement handle, but I’m not sure it’s possible. I love my little teapot. It wasn’t expensive, but it worked well.

I’ll probably go to bed soon. It’s still hot and humid.  I find that I’m drinking so much water and tea to stay hydrated.  I’m sweating too. Yuck!  Anyway, that’s it for me for tonight.  Night!

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