August 11, 2012

Saturday - Hot and muggy, quite humid

A nice day.

F came to bed very very late this morning, but still managed to get up before I did.  Don’t know how he does it.  I got up and took a shower, then spent an hour or so on my computer.

We had a decent brunch in Gusto this morning and then F dropped me off at my school. I was quite busy there getting ready.  My student was a couple of minutes late, but I was ready for her.  We did review today and she did well.  I enjoy teaching this student so much.  

After class, I did my paperwork, a bit of prep and worked on a craft project a little.  I even napped a bit, which surprised me when I woke up. I called F and he picked me up.  

We decided to go home for a little and then ended up staying home.  We had sort of planned to see a movie, but changed our minds.  Later on, we went to F’s Chinese restaurant for dinner.  He wanted ramen!  He enjoyed it, but then complained it was too big.  There is no pleasing some people.  I had fried rice in a stone bowl with soup and harumaki.  I liked it very much.

We came home and I told F that he had to watch all his TV before 11 pm because that was when I was going to start watching.  He watched a bit of the Olympics and set the DVR for some of the events.  I enjoyed watching my shows.  I’ve been trying really hard to let F watch Olympic stuff, but darn it, tonight I just wanted watch MY stuff!  F watched some of it too, so I don’t think he was upset about it.  He’s back watching wrestling now.  That’s what I get for marrying an ex-wrestler!

No idea what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  Hopefully we’ll do something fun.  We might see a movie or we might just stay home and watch a movie or something.  Wish us luck.  Night.

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