August 12, 2012

Sunday - Hot, muggy and cloudy

A not very good day at all.

I got up this morning briefly and then went back to sleep.  When I finally got out of bed and went through to the living room I wasn’t talked to much as someone was watching the Olympics.  

Finally we decided to go out for lunch and as usual I was asked where I wanted to go.  I listed off about five or six different places/types of food in the area that we could have, but F countered with a different place, Patio in the mall.  I can have pasta there and he can have ramen.  Figuring that it must be where he’d really like to go, I say okay.  

We get there and notice they have a lunch special.  It sounds quite good.  Soup, salad, pasta, home made bread, a non alcohol cocktail plus coffee for 1050 yen.  Quite a good deal really.  F said he’d probably have that, so I thought I would too.  Get inside, he changes his mind to ramen.  I ordered the lunch special and get my first course quickly.  He waits about 20 minutes for his to come.  Rather than talk to me he pulls out his cellphone so I told him that I’d stopped carrying a book because I didn’t want to be as rude to him as he was to me.  He got angry.  Didn’t want to talk to me at all.  I ate, he ate.  I liked my food for the most part. He didn’t.  Quelle surprise.  

We went home and he stormed off to the bedroom. I had just started to watch The Listener when he came out of the bedroom to watch more Olympics.  Sorry dude, my turn.  When the double shot was over I gave him back the remote.  He put on the Olympics and after an hour of it I went to take a nap.  Didn’t sleep, realised I was hungry.  Decided to wait and see if he’d ask me about dinner.  He didn’t .  Decided to go out by myself.  

He asked me where I was going so I told him.  After a mini-spat he decided to come along too.  We had dinner at Jiro tonight and things gradually got less frosty.

After dinner we briefly visited my school to pick something up and then bought some groceries.  We were going to have curry for dinner tomorrow when F saw some cheap steak instead.  So, it’ll be steak with salad and maybe mashed potatoes if I can find the mix I have somewhere.  

Came home again and asked if we could watch View from the Top, a movie about flight attendants.  I thought F might like it because he’s plane obsessed, but he didn’t really watch it.  It was okay.  Mike Myers was in it, but was doing schtick so it felt dumber than it should have.  After the movie was over, I surrendered the remote again and F went back to the Olympics.  So glad they are almost over.  Just don’t care anymore.

I wrote a couple of postcrossing cards today, one to Switzerland and one to Australia.  It’s my first time sending to Australia so I’m quite happy about it. I also finished Bartimaeus - The Ring of Solomon, my latest book.  Good fun.  F will be back to work tomorrow and I’m rather glad to be honest.  No big plans for my day, but may go out in the afternoon if the weather holds.  It is supposed to rain which I’m hoping won’t happen.

That’s it for me.  Got to go.  Night.

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