August 13, 2012

Monday - Cloudy, then extremely rainy

An okay day.  I got up rather early for me and watched some of the rebroadcast of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies.  I liked most of what I saw, except of course for the Japanese announcers talking over all the singing and speaking.  So blooming annoying.  I wish we had the option to turn off the Japanese side.  

I watched the last episode of SATC today.  Sigh.  I’m a little sad that I won’t have that to entice me to get up anymore, but on the other hand, I didn’t do anything until it was over anyway!  I even sat on the couch and watched it today, instead of watching it from my computer desk.  

I napped on the couch, but got up and went to my computer before noon.  F called me just after noon and asked if I’d like to go for lunch.  I said no and hung up.  I took a shower and didn’t see him when he came by to pick up a change of clothing.  

I did another postcrossing in the afternoon, and just when I thought about taking the cards to the post office, realised we were having torrential rain and decided to wait.  Instead I watched something I taped this weekend. 

F came home a bit late, after 6 tonight.  He didn’t talk to me much, which I understood, and then he went straight to bed.  I had already taken out the steaks to warm up, so went to ask him if he wanted dinner. He said he didn’t, so I put them in the freezer.  He also told me he took tomorrow off work. 

We ended up taking a nap each for a while.  I got up after a bit, but F slept on.  I woke him up around 9:30 and we went to the grocery store.  Sadly, they didn’t have the things that we wanted, so we went to Gusto for dinner.  
After dinner, we dropped off my postcards and then went to a convenience store.  After that, we came home and hung up our very wet clothes!

The rest of the evening has been quite friendly and quiet. I watched a couple of TV shows and now there’s a documentary about Marilyn Monroe on.  It’s mostly in Japanese, but the interviews are in English, so I can understand some of it.  

So, that’s about it for my day.  It worked out better than I expected. Yay for that.  Tomorrow I have F around, so I’m not sure how that is going to work out!  He’s supposed to be busy in the morning though, so that should be good.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

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