August 19, 2012

Sunday - Hot and sunny

An okay day. I got up at 11 this morning, sat at my computer for a while.  F ignored me as he was watching both the TV and his computer.  After 45 minutes I decided to have a 15 minute mini-nap and went back to bed.  

F decided that he should join me, and honestly, that’s where we spent most of the day.  I haven’t seen him sleep much in the afternoon, but he did today!  We didn’t get up until close to 6 pm.  

We decided to go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner so got dressed and then left the apartment.  The first place we tried wasn’t open, the second didn’t have any rice, so we had to come up with another place.  We decided to go to Pacific Airy Heights.  We arrived there and F tried to make a quick turn to beat the car that was coming, and ended up running over a curb.  It was just a curb, with no sidewalk, and the car very nearly got stuck going over it.  I have no idea what kind of damage was done to the underneath of the car, F says not much, but then again, what does he know? Ironically, about 6 months ago we did the same turn and I thought he was going to hit the curb and made him stop.  Then he told me off for not trusting him.

Anyway, we went in and had a nice meal.  I had chicken, F had pork. Getting out of the restaurant was also a problem as someone had parked near us and there was construction happening so the actual area of the parking lot was smaller than usual. 

We drove over to Yamaya and had a look around.  They don’t have a lot of stuff there anymore and I’m a tad worried.  Still no couscous, and not a lot of anything else that I’d like.  I did get some jasmine tea, some sunflower seeds, cumin and best of all, cheddar cheese!

After that, we came back to our own grocery store to get stuff for dinner tomorrow night.  We’ll have chicken saute with cold broccoli and salad.  I’m debating serving the broccoli hot and serving it with a cheese sauce. But…my cheese is mild and I’d probably need a lot of it.  I’ll think on. 

We had a fairly quiet evening at home tonight.  We both wrote a couple of cards for postcrossing.  Mine are off to Russia and Lithuania.  Woot.  

My chest is a little sore where it hit the seat belt tonight.  I don’t think it’s anything serious, but if it gives me any trouble tomorrow I’ll ask F to take me to see a doctor about it. Now I have an idea why seat belt injuries were always so serious on ER!

That’s about it.  Tomorrow you’ll get to read all about my fascinating Monday.  Come back if I don’t bore you to pieces. Night.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking a couple of things while reading this rice? Seriously? In a restaurant in Japan? I didn't think such a thing was possible!

Secondly- parking to close here seems to be a problem. It happens to us all the time. People park so close to our car that we can barely get in!

Glad to hear your little accident was not worse! I hope you are ok from the seat belt..they can cause really serious injuries. They keep you from being thrown against the windshield or out of the car but that doesn't mean you wont get hurt! I was also thinking how your hubby had to "eat crow" ....he should have remembered what you said about the curb from the last time. We hit a curb about six months ago and ended up having to get a new car! Fixing the damage would have cost more than the car was worth!

Helen said...

I think the restaurant may have either run out, or were only open for a booking because of Obon. It's a "mom & pop" restaurant, not a big chain. We could have had noodles, but we know my opinion of noodles!

To be fair to DH, the construction that is next to the restaurant had moved slightly into the restaurant's space, so the entryway was narrower than usual. It was dark and there aren't many streetlights, so there are reasons, but I hope he'll be more careful next time.

He drove the car to work today, so I'm guessing everything was okay with it!

Thanks for visiting :-)