August 2, 2012

Thursday - Hot and sunny, humid

A mostly good day.

I woke up this morning when F came home for a couple of minutes and stole all of my ice! I had to get up just afterwards anyway. I had an early day today.  

I got up, showered, watched SATC and then made my lunch. It was quite easy today, I just had to reheat some leftovers.  Yay.  After lunch I washed dishes and then I zoomed off to my school.  

At my school, I started up the air conditioner then got the school ready.  My student came a little early today and we had a good lesson. We finished what I wanted her to do.  

After she left, I read the newspaper, did paperwork and then left the school rather quickly.  I went to the drugstore and then biked home.  I got home just before Wallander started.  Today was a good if depressing episode.  They all are a bit depressing though!

F came home and after Wallander finished he started watching wrestling.  I took a nap.  When I woke up we decided to go to Framboise for dinner.  It was busy tonight!  F had his usual, but I tried a new dish. I had beef pilaf and it was very nice. I might even have it again.  

We came home for a while and watched a bit of TV.  I wrote a couple of post cards and then a bit before 11 F asked if I wanted to go to the store with him. I didn’t really have any reason not to go, so I went!  It was fun, and surprisingly busy.  

Came home just in time to watch Drop Dead Diva and then F took over the TV again.  We watched some gymnastics.  We’ve been doing a lot of this tag-team TV watching at the moments.  It’s rather funny.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Today was okay.  I’ll talk at you tomorrow night.  Night.

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