August 23, 2012

Thursday - Hot and sunny…getting so boring!

An okay day.

F and I both woke up this morning before 6 am in a horrid sweat.  I often wake up sweating in this heat, but F rarely does!  It was so bad that we decided to turn on the air conditioning.  It was 30 degrees at 6 am.  Unreal.

I fell back asleep and F went off to work.  I had a good day. I got up before my alarm, watched a bit of TV, and just relaxed.  I started typing out my column, but stopped after a while.  

I had a quiet day at home. I had breakfast and then later lunch.  I watched a bit of TV, took a nap, and just had a nice quiet day.

F came home around 6 and after a bit we decided where to go for dinner.  We both thought of Cocos, and went there and had a nice dinner.  We had a nice dinner together and then went across the road to the grocery store.

We bought things for tomorrow’s dinner and then made a quick run to check on my school.  After that, we came home.  

F surprised me by putting on House, so we watched that, then Bones and then I watched Drop Dead Diva while he took his shower.  I am now watching The Pirates of Caribbean - On Stranger Tides.  It’s okay. I’m quite happy that we didn’t spend money on seeing it in the theatre!

And that was my day.  No idea what I’ll get up to tomorrow except for cooking dinner.  Come on back tomorrow night and see what I did!  Night.

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