August 25, 2012

Saturday - Hot, humid and sunny

A good day.

I woke up earlier than F this morning and I was the one suffering from the heat.  I got up and turned on the air conditioner before going back to sleep for a bit. I got up just a bit after 9 and showered, then dressed.

F and I went out for brunch at 11 and then he dropped me off and I got to work.  My first student came and we had a great class.  We checked schedules afterwards.  Next month is difficult as we’ll both have days off.  

After her class I did paperwork, changed the postcards on display, read the newspaper and took a short nap at my table. I woke up, made myself ready for my next class and…the student called to say that she was in a meeting and couldn’t come.  Sigh.  Oh dear.  We rescheduled for next week.

I washed the dishes in my school, worked on a project, and then called F to pick me up.  He very nicely came to get me and we drove off.

We went to McDonalds to try their new McFlurry, the Caramel Pudding one.  It was okay, but I wouldn’t say it would become a favourite.  After that, we went home for a few minutes.

We decided to have keitensushi for dinner, so went first to Kappa Sushi. It was really busy though, so we tried Kintaro. It was also busy, but we tried our luck.  We had to wait a bit, but had some nice sushi.  F contacted his on-line friends and they said that they cancelled the second party as they only had a small group tonight.  

We decided to have our own party tonight, so went over to Manikineko for a spot of karaoke.  It was fun.  I sang a few songs to remember my Dad.  I was surprised that they didn’t have any Leo Sayer in their catalogue.  We had a 10% off coupon, plus a coupon for free French fries, so our two hours was quite reasonable.  We even had drink bar, and F had so much soft ice cream that it’s a wonder they didn’t complain!  

Hubs and I came home and watched a little TV.  Well, I did anyway.  F went to bed just before 1 and he’s already asleep.  

I’m not sure what we’ll get up to tomorrow.  I hope that it’s something fun, and cheap!  Thanks for reading.  Talk to you later. Night!

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