August 26, 2012

Sunday - Hot, sunny and humid

A better day than I expected!

I got up a couple of times this morning. Once I turned on the AC and went back to sleep, another time, I saw F in the living room with headphones on.  I got up “for real” at 12 and went to my computer.  F still sat on the couch with headphones on, and stayed that way for a while.  When he asked about lunch I went back to bed for a nap.

We didn’t go out for a while and he was in a mood. It was one of his, “I don’t know where I want to go for lunch so you have to pick the place and it better be good or I’ll be angry all day” kind of things.  I had suggested a couple, but due to both of us not getting our act together until it was too late, had not much choice in the matter.  I suggested Patio in the mall, so that’s where we went.  F had udon, which was the only Japanese noodle available, and I had soup and salad with tuna and mushroom pasta. It’s quite nice.  We did a little hacking around the mall and then left.

Over lunch I was wracking my brain about what to do next as F was not being helpful.  He is so passive-aggressive sometimes it is driving me crazy.  I finally suggested going to the Chido museum to see whatever their new exhibit was.  F looked it up and said it was woodblock prints.  I was sort of yawning on the inside at that, but since having some kind of plan was better than no kind of plan, we went to see it.  And…it was amazing! The prints were by Kiyoshi Saito, a Fukushima artist (To see some of his work, click on the link on the left side directly under the yellow bar.  The brochure is there, but it is sideways.  This link will likely degrade over time).  The prints were so beautiful. He used the woodgrain to great effect and I just loved them.  To be honest, there were only a couple of prints that I didn’t like, but I would happily hang most of them on my walls!

We were both rather surprised at how much we enjoyed the exhibition, since neither of us had heard of the artist before.  We each got a packet of postcards of his work to take with us.  We’ll probably postcross them, although I might just keep one or two!

After the museum we visited a couple of gift shops and got ourselves some taiyaki since it was on sale today.  We bought more postcards and then came home.

At home, F was the one who took a nap while I hacked around on the internet.  

We went out for dinner around 8:30 to Cocos.  We didn’t have a lot of choice as it was too late for most places again.  Sigh.  It was fine though.  I had butter chicken.  I told F that it is one of the few places I can have it.  My favourite place for it is in Sendai, but we never go there anymore.  

We bought a few groceries and then came home.  F watched a bit of TV, including something on the Butchart Gardens, where I took him the last time we were in Canada.  That was cool to see it again.  I watched the new show Ringers and then later Pretty Little Liars.  F was late going to bed tonight. I hope he’ll be okay for the morning.  

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  I think we need to start planning our weekends.  It is really bothering me how much pressure F is putting on me about where we go and eat.  He knows I don’t want any Japanese noodles. It’s not that hard to remember, yet, I am constantly told I have to pick the restaurant because “I don’t like the ones he suggests.”  Men.  Okay, just my man!  Got to go.  Night.


Kelly said...

Men, eh? Sometimes they drive us crazy... Does your hubby have anything he likes a lot besides ramen? My husband has a thing about chicken, kind of like your husband with ramen. I've never really been a big fan of noodles or rice...give me bread or pasta any day! :)

Hope it cools down a bit over there for you. I think spring is just about on it's way except for a last ditch effort by winter bringing lots of rain!

Kelly said...

By the way, I noticed on your book shelf the book called "wake up I'm fat". I've always liked Camryn Manheim from some of the series she acted in on tv. What did you think of the book if you don't mind me asking? Is it worth reading?

Helen said...

DH just likes noodles...ramen and soba especially. I'm the person who likes chicken here!

I hope it cools down soon. It hasn't been below 27 at night, every day has been above 30 degrees. Ack.

I'm not sure how much you know about the "Fat Positive Movement", but you won't really know much more about it after reading this book. It's kind of an introduction to the movement.

The book's okay, and she's a fairly entertaining writer, but I didn't love it the way I thought I would. Her fight to become an actress is good, but I've read autobiographies that I've liked more than this.