August 28, 2012

Tuesday - Hot and sunny

An okay day. I had trouble sleeping again last night, so I overslept this morning.  I got up and had some of my cold brewed tea and watched a little TV.  

I had a quiet day at home and didn’t go out at all today.  I received two postcards today and they were both portraits of Marilyn Monroe!  Different pictures, but the same person.  Quite cool.  And, I found out today that one of the cards I received yesterday has expired!  The person was supposed to send it before. A whole year went by.  The card wasn’t travelling for a year, it was just sent, so I’m not sure what the story was!

In the afternoon I became so sleepy that I had to take a nap.  I went to the bedroom and set my alarm.  When it rang, I reset it, and so on.  I got up a bit later, but did feel quite a bit better.  This heat and humidity is kicking my butt.  

I worked a lot on my column today. I have about one more movie to write about and then I’m going to wrap it up.  

When F came home we relaxed for a while and then I went to the kitchen to make dinner.  Our main dish was a prepared one from the store, beef and garlic stalks in a sauce, and I sauteed some zucchini to go with it, plus made some couscous.  I thought it was all quite nice, and F said it was too.  However, he made himself some Korean noodles a few minutes after dinner.  I wasn’t terribly happy about that.  

We watched a bit of TV tonight and relaxed.  Really, that’s about it.  I spent a lot of the evening on Youtube re-watching parts of movies and then writing so I wasn’t talking much.  

Tomorrow I hope I can take a bit of a break and go out if I get enough written.  Come back tomorrow and see what happens!  Got to go.  Night!

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