August 3, 2012

Friday - Hot and sunny…humid

A pretty good day.

We were woken up this morning by F’s phone going off around 6 this morning.  He answered it, and it was his mother.  She wasn’t feeling well and asked him to take her to the doctor’s office. F said he’d take a bit of time off this morning and would do so.

I got up a bit late, but as I didn’t have any plans for today it didn’t matter that much.  I watched SATC (they’re up to the Baryshnikov ones now) and after it finished I received a call from a tall handsome man asking if I’d like to have lunch with him.  Of course I said yes, so he picked me up and we had lunch at Tsukiya, the gyudon shop.  We both had unagi today and it was good.

F dropped me off at home and I napped a little, then scanned some cards and then finally took a quick bike ride out to the post office to mail them off.  Yay for me.

I got back just in time for Wallander.  Today’s episode was very good again.  It was another depressing one though, as his father died in this.  Poor Wallander doesn’t catch a lot of breaks.  F came home towards the end and seemed to be interested in it too.

We relaxed for a while, I watched Nigel Slater or tried to.  That channel has the worst reception and it kept cutting out just as Nigel was explaining what ingredient to use in the dish, or how to make it.  Tonight he was talking about how to break away from recipes and just  use what you have in the kitchen.  The problem for me is I have no garden, and F isn’t any help when it comes to cooking or helping me learn what some of the stuff in the store is.  

We went to the grocery store for my big experiment.  I wanted to buy dinner from the store tonight, then bring it home and eat it.  We did and it was pretty good, but we bought a little too much.  F wanted peaches so we bought a couple of them, but he said his wasn’t ripe enough, so I didn’t eat mine yet!

F watched a lot of Olympic stuff tonight, but I made him give up the TV at 11 so I could tape Torchwood and then watch Desperate Housewives.  It was good in the DH way.  They keep reinventing the characters though which rather bugs me.  

F went to bed at midnight and of course I’m still up.  I do have one class tomorrow afternoon, and I need to do a bit of housekeeping at my school after it finishes.  Then, I’m not sure what is going to happen.  Wish me luck eh?  Night.

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