July 31, 2012

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, humid

An okay day.

I woke up this morning to an empty apartment.  I got up, grabbed the fan and set it to cool me down.  It worked quite nicely.

Around 9:30 I decided to make a quick trip to the post office.  I ran off and bought a special postcard, then came home and relaxed for a bit.  F called me a little after ten and asked if he had woken me up.  Ha!  Not today baby.

I watched SATC and then a few other bits and bobs on TV. I took a nap for a while as it was just too hot to do anything.  After that, I made my lunch, did a little dinner prep and then scanned some cards for myself.  

I spent most of the afternoon watching DCI Banks and enjoying it. I love a good British murder mystery, and today there were two episodes on.  It was also nice to see something that wasn’t completely devoted to technology. During the programme, I got a phone call from an ex-member of my women’s group.  We’re trying to hatch plans for a get-together.  

F came home a little after 6 pm.  We relaxed for a while and a bit after 7 I got started on dinner. It was quite low pressure tonight as I had pre-cooked the broccoli, and the couscous was instant, the chicken just had to be microwaved and the salad was in a bag.  It was nice to get dinner on the table quickly. 

We thought dinner was quite nice and after F did the dishes.  We went out to the drugstore for some important supplies (toilet paper & toilet cleaner stuff) and then hit up the grocery store for tomorrow night’s dinner.  I told F I’d rather cook tomorrow night and take Thursday night off since I have a class on Thursday.  

We came home and I made the generous decision to let F watch the Olympics while I watched something on my computer. I think we both enjoyed ourselves.

And that was about it.  It was a quiet day, but I think I needed that. Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’ll get up to.  I hope to at least pop out of the apartment for a couple of minutes, but maybe I’ll take myself off in the afternoon to a coffee shop to do a bit of reading.  Not sure.  Come back tomorrow and see what I decide upon.  Night.

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