Postcrossing - Incoming

To August 8, 2012

Since Saturday I have received 4 new cards and wanted to share them with you.  I hope that you like them as much as I do!

Sake sent this card from the Netherlands.  He tells me that he lives in a small, touristy town in the east of his country.  He says that the mill on the card is an old one named Delelie (Lily) and in his area.  I really love this card!

This card was sent by Valeri in Russia.  He lives near the Volga River, in his words,"the greatest river in Europe."  This card shows a large dam and hydroelectric station on the Volga River.  This is near his town.  

I'm a big fan of cards with water in them.  Thanks Valeri.

The Volga Hydroelectric Power Station named after V.I.Lenin

Dave in Idaho sent me this cool card of Lizard Butte. Why is it called Lizard Butte?  Because the formation resembles a large lizard.  

He tells me that Lizard Butte is  100 and some miles south east from where he lives.  He also says that Top Gun is his favourite movie.
Lizard Butte
Snake River, Idaho
Dave also used a couple of terrific stamps on his card, which I have shown below.  I think the Monsters, Inc. one is very cute, and so is the one with the dog.  
Thanks Dave!

My next card only took two days to reach me.  It was mailed on August 6th and arrived here August 8th.  Obviously, it came from Japan!

Reiko lives in Kyoto and just like me, she was complaining about the weather!  She said it was hot and muggy when she wrote.  She mentioned that there are 17 World Heritage Sites in Kyoto.  I didn't know!
Clockwise from the Top Left, Kiyomisu-dera Temple, The Ninomaru Grand Audience Hall of Nijo-jo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple, The South Eastern Turret of Nijo-jo Castle, Omuro-no-toh Pagoda, Heian-jingu Shrine
Reiko also used a lovely stamp and cancellation mark.  The picture sadly doesn't do it justice, but it shows a Maiko in front of a pagoda.  
Fabulous postcrossing!

Well, there you are again.  Four interesting cards from around the world.  I wonder if there'll be anything in my mailbox tomorrow?  Fingers crossed there will be!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I love that Kyoto geisha postmark! It seems every post office here has their own postmark, even my little tiny one. Sometimes DH asks for it. I should ask for it more often. They already love me down there for all the weird international mail I send. They'd really love me if I made them haul out their special stamp all the time!

Helen said...

Isn't that mark beautiful? I had no idea we could ask for a special stamp...My husband didn't know either.

I wonder if my local post office would stamp something like that for me. It's a tiny branch, but they like me I think!

Hey, it's people like us who keep the post office going, they should love us! (Except at Christmas when I bring huge parcels in to send to Canada!!!)