Postcrossing - Incoming

To August 14, 2012

I've had another interesting group of postcards come to my mail box over the last few days.  I'm posting these for your viewing pleasure!

This card, and the next one are computer generated free cards from Touchnote by Samsung.  They presently have a promotion where they will send postcards for free to people around the world for you.  Sadly, two of my postcrossing matches chose to send them to me.  Generally it sounds like a great idea, but as a postcrosser, I don't like them.  They have to input my address into the computer system which is not something I like.  Also, they never touch the card.  The writing on the back is all done by computer, and the stamp is a printed Post Office mark.  I was happy at first as it is from Guernsey, and I've never had a card from there, but it isn't. I do Postcrossing to connect with other people, not with an anonymous computer somewhere.  Anyway....

This card was sent by a woman in China.  It shows Lin Dan, a badminton athlete at the Olympic Games.  I think she tried hard to make it a good cross for me as she was friendly and enthusiastic about the athlete and the Olympics.

Lin Dan - Gold Medalist
Greatest Badminton Player of all Time

This card comes from Russia and shows a Turkish night-time historical soap opera called Muhtesem Yuzyil.
Muhtesem Yuzyil
The person who had this card printed didn't write their name , just mentioned that they come from Yekaterinburg and that they enjoyed this show.  

I hadn't heard of it before. I wouldn't be able to watch it here because of the language difficulty.

This is a real postcard, and what a difference!  This card also comes from China.  Mabel sent it and wrote that it is still hot and wet where she is (here too!) She wrote that she stayed near this place for half a month, and relaxed because it was a natural place.  

The Lotus Group in Luomei Cave, Leye, Baise
I can't find much information about this place in English.

She put real stamps on her card as well.  The one marked 60 isn't a real stamp, but the bird stamps are real.  I like them a lot.

Thanks Mabel. I like learning about areas of the world that I didn't know about.

Another lovely windmill card from the Netherlands!

Barbara writes that she has visited Canada 3 times and that it is her favourite country to visit.  She will go again next year.
Greetings from Holland
Thanks for a lovely card.

Well, there you are, 4 interesting new cards.  I already have a couple more, but will try and update next week.  

What's in your mailbox today?


Anonymous said...

WOW! You get such nice cards..!!!

Helen said...

Thank you! :-)